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Genius Valorant Sova trick reveals new way to use his Ultimate

Published: 23/Apr/2020 8:41

by Brad Norton


Sova is capable of more than just finding kills through walls as this creative Valorant trick has unveiled an all-new way to use the agent’s Ultimate.

Valorant’s Closed Beta has barely been available for a few weeks and players have already been discovering some clever tricks with each Agent.


While flashy kills are one thing, certain tricks allow players to access new vantage points, or leave opponents bamboozled. A brand new Sova tactic is capable of doing just that, as enemy teams are sure to be stumped by this creative play.

Valorant's Sova.
Riot Games
Sova’s Ultimate lets him fire devastating blasts through walls.

When triggering the Hunter’s Fury Ultimate, Sova players are able to fire three powerful ‘energy blasts’ through any surface and damage enemies on the other side. Not only that, but opponents hit by the ability will also have their location revealed for a brief moment.


Instead of firing the third and final blast towards the competition, however, Reddit user ‘Fuwuji’ uncovered some fascinating new tech. After securing two eliminations, they aimed at fired at the ground which resulted in a powerful movement boost.

Similar to the likes of Raze’s Blast Packs, Sova is surprisingly able to launch himself further into the sky by firing his Ultimate at the ground.

Found some SOVA TECK from VALORANT

Defending the A Spike-site on Split, they were just one round away from winning the match and decided to test out a new trick. Fortunately, things worked out in their favor.


“It’s the Sova tech,” they said after launching themselves onto a higher vantage point directly on the objective.

While the unique spot certainly didn’t provide much in the way of cover, it’s a surefire way to catch enemies by surprise. No one would ever expect to see a Sova up high in such a unique position.

“The third shot, however, has additional knockback,” they also revealed. “Which allows you to land on top of double-stacked boxes, shown in the clip.”

Comment from discussion Found some SOVA TECK.

Given that brand new information, Sova should now be able to jump to a wide array of previously unreachable locations. 

There’s no telling just how pivotal this could be for the overall flow of Valorant but for the time being, it appears to be an intended effect and not a bug that Riot will soon patch out — now we just have to see how players will use it!


Shroud explains how Valorant will become the number one FPS esport

Published: 19/Oct/2020 11:50

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek believes Valorant is going to “easily” surpass Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the top FPS title around when it comes to esports.

When Valorant launched back in June, players and esports organizations alike quickly moved to show their skills off and create rosters in a bid to get ahead of the curve. 


Even in its infancy, pros from CS:GO, Overwatch, and other games decided to hop aboard the Valorant hype train and for some, it worked out as they’ve been able to rack up wins in online tournaments and build audiences on Twitch.

With the first-person shooter being backed by Riot, there are plenty of expectations surrounding its eventual growth in the esports world – with some, including Shroud, backing it to knock off the likes of CS:GO and perhaps even League of Legends.

Bind A Site in Valorant.
Riot Games
Many have tipped Valorant to be the next big esport. But is there a world where both CS:GO and Valorant can both thrive?

During a recent stream, the former CS:GO pro had been discussing the landscape of Valorant’s esports scene – noting that the best teams in Europe and North America haven’t had the chance to do battle yet. Once that happens, and the game goes to LAN, Shroud believes it’ll pop off. 

“Dude, Valorant is just going to hit and it’s going to hit hard. Like, it has the perfect recipe right now, right,” he said. “It’s just like, CS numbers are dipping, but to be fair CS strives on LAN so that’s why they’re dipping, obviously once LAN comes back, it’ll be a little different. 

“But still, if Valorant nails the timing of coming to LAN and tournaments are popping off, it’s going to blow the f**k up – even more than it already has.” As someone suggested that Valorant will take the top spot in the first-person shooter esports ranks, Shroud added: “Oh yeah, easily.” 


The growing intrigue surrounding the world’s best teams not being able to play each other will, undoubtedly, work in Valorant’s favor. 

It just remains to be seen as to whether or not it can cement itself at the top of the esports world. Plenty of games have come along and tried to do so, but the titans of CS:GO and LoL still reign supreme. For now.