Game-breaking Valorant exploit lets Omen glitch outside the map

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Omen’s teleporting ability in Valorant has led to a fair share of game-breaking exploits that could impact your experience until they’re patched out.

Similar to the likes of Reaper from Overwatch, Omen is able to teleport himself around the map in Valorant to bamboozle the opposing team. 

Just a few weeks into the game’s Closed Beta, however, players have already discovered a number of powerful tricks with the Agent. A few new discoveries are outright game-breaking though, so here’s what to look out for until the next patch rolls around.

Riot Games
An overview of Valorant’s Omen and his teleporting abilities.

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Breaking out of Haven

One of the current game-breaking exploits allows the teleporting Agent to reach new heights and venture out of the playable space.

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While defending the A-site, a clever spot can be reached thanks to an assist from Sage’s Barrier Orb. After scaling over the objective, a simple walk can get you looking over A-long from a new vantage point up high.

This otherwise unreachable high-ground wouldn’t be a common place to scout for attacking teams. Leaving them open for quick eliminations before they can even react to the out-of-bounds Omen.

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An unreachable Spike

Another exploit sees Omen teleporting with the Spike in hand. Utilizing his ‘From the Shadows’ ability, it turns out that the Agent can teleport inside of a texture on C-site. 

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With both the character and the Spike underneath the map, the defending team is simply unable to interact and win the round.

While Omen can be shot through this surface, there’s no way in which a defending player can get under the map to defuse in time. 

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It’s clear to see why Valorant’s competitive playlist was pushed back on April 29, as exploits such as these were sure to soil the experience. Fortunately, a patch is already in motion for April 30 that looks to address a number of exploits and fix a few bugs before the ranked grind can kickoff.

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Until then, be extra cautious when playing into an Omen on Haven. The sneaky Agent could catch you by surprise with a few of these game-breaking spots.