FPX Valorant coach says they have three subs ready for “worst case” ahead of Masters 2

. 26 days ago
The Valorant Masters trophy
Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix head coach Erik ‘d00mbr0s’ Sandgren revealed in an interview, with Valorant caster Tom ‘Tombizz’ Bissmire, that the FPX Valorant squad has three substitute players lined up in case they qualify for Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen.

FPX are currently competing in EMEA VCT Stage 2 Challengers group stage and are set to qualify for the playoff stage as the final week of group play concludes on June 12.

The team managed to qualify for Stage 1 Masters in Iceland but due to travel complications around world health issues, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the team could not participate in the tournament. FPX currently has two Russian players and a Ukrainian IGL, so traveling around the conflict proved difficult.

They retained their VCT circuit points and fellow EMEA side Team Liquid took their place at the event.

In an interview with Tombizz, d00mr0s revealed that the Valorant team is trying to move around its players and has a plan in case they do manage to qualify for Masters Copenhagen.

“I have three substitutes for worst case,” d00mbr0s said. “So that’s a thing,”

FPX’s VCT Stage 1 journey

VCT Masters Stage 1 stage bathed in blue and red light
Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
FPX have 200 VCT circuit points towards Champions.

FPX competed in EMEA VCT Stage 1 Challengers and used Kamil ‘baddyG’ Graniczka as a substitute for two players on its Valorant squad at various times in the group stage and playoffs.

d00mbr0s also said that the team was disappointed in the fact that they couldn’t make the Masters event in Stage 1, but the team has loftier goals than just attending an international LAN tournament.

“Our goal is really isn’t going to Masters, our goal is to win Champions right?” The FPX coach said. “So anything that can get us closer to that goal is positive.”

The FPX coach declined to reveal who the new substitutes will be, as baddyG is currently competing for Team Vitality and can no longer step in to replace anyone.

The d00br0s-coached side will continue their path to Valorant Champions with the start of the playoff stage next weekend.

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