Babybay’s most aggressive Valorant plays

Babybay Valorant best playsDexerto

When you’re as aggressive as FaZe Clan’s hero Andrej ‘Babybay’ Francisty, there are always going to be explosive moments. From incredible aces to his ruthless “smeag” attack, we’ve compiled some of his best ever plays.

From his iconic Jett Ace on Icebox against Version1 in VCT Stage 2, to his never-ending selection of Operator clips, Babybay has had a lot of stunning plays in Valorant so far.

With his aggressive mindset, there’s hardly a game that goes by without one Babybay pop-off round. His top plays for FaZe Clan in Valorant are a sight to behold, and a good reminder of just how clean the Jett specialist is.

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