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Absurd Valorant ‘runboost’ trick lets Jett launch allies across the map

Published: 12/May/2020 7:44 Updated: 12/May/2020 9:22

by Brad Norton


Valorant players have uncovered a ridiculous ‘runboost’ movement trick that allows Jett to launch her teammates across huge chunks of any given map.

Tactical movement is key in Riot’s new FPS. Peeking around a corner at the wrong moment or sprinting through the middle of the map could cost you a round.

However, a new trick involving Jett appears to buck all trends and throw caution to the wind. Here’s how you can launch your teammates across the map in Valorant.


Riot Games
Jett’s unique movement abilities have a surprising benefit.

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While jumping in front of an allied Jett as she activates her Tailwind ability, Agents can be sent forward with a great deal of momentum.

From the moment barriers drop at the beginning of a round, this surprising interaction can boost players straight towards enemies.

If your reactions are on point, you can keep the momentum going forward with pinpoint bunny hops. Allowing you to zoom around corners and aggressively push through choke-points like never before.

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There’s an expected timing that comes along with attacking teams. A few seconds after each round begins, players are often lining up their sights and holding a certain angle.


Very rarely would anyone have the reaction speeds to adjust their aim and snap onto a Jett-boosted enemy. There’s simply no other way to match this movement in Valorant.

While the unexpected play could land you a few early picks, it will leave you out in the open. Don’t expect any supporting fire or healing from teammates for at least a few seconds after the crazy burst of speed.

Riot Games
You can easily boost through to Haven’s garage using this trick.

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The term ‘runboost’ was popularized in Counter-Strike as players stand atop one another to gain increased movement. While Valorant does take inspiration from Valve’s FPS title in many ways, there’s no telling if this similar Jett boost is intended or not.


Perhaps it will be patched out in the near future. Or, maybe it’s here to stay as some high-level tech for Jett-mains. Here are 15 of our own tricks that you can employ to help rank up in Valorant’s competitive playlist.