100 Thieves’ Hiko explains why being a Valorant pro is easier than CSGO

Riot Games / Twitch: Hiko

100 Thieves star and Valorant pro Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin has explained how Valorant’s competitive scene is “less taxing” on players compared to the system used in CSGO esports.

When Valorant was first released, CSGO pro players including ScreaM, TenZ, Wardell and nitr0 flocked to the game in a bid to reinvent their careers.

Among the most high-profile moves was that of Hiko, who left an illustrious CSGO career behind to pursue a new one in Riot’s shooter.

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Since joining 100 Thieves, Hiko has seen mixed results. Working alongside nitr0, steel and Asuna, the team won both First Strike NA and Stage 2 Challengers 1, only to miss out on a trip to Iceland after a shock loss to Team Envy.

But Hiko has explained how being a Valorant pro is easier than being a CSGO pro, and how the experience is less taxing on players.

hiko 100 thieves valorant100 Thieves
Hiko was a big name in CSGO before his move to Valorant.

On his Twitch stream, Hiko explained that the greater regional focus on Valorant esports makes playing competitively much simpler for players.

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He said: “CS got to a point where you’re literally traveling… seven or eight months of the year. When I was younger, in 2013, we were traveling a lot. We were traveling to Europe, bootcamping in Europe all the time. It was a lot to handle.

“I feel if Valorant is how League [of Legends] is, where you don’t travel that much, you’re at home a lot, and there’s a lot of stuff online and the big LANs are few and far between, it makes the LANs more important and impactful… and it’s less of a tax on players who have families, friends, girlfriends.”

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He added: “I think it’s probably better for everybody if the scene isn’t as travel-heavy as it was in the CSGO heydays. ”

Hiko and 100 Thieves will be back in action on August 11, as they look to secure a spot at VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin, with Hiko seeking his first LAN experience in Valorant.

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