What does BMT mean on Snapchat?

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While using Snapchat, you might have come across the acronym ‘BMT.’ If you’re out of the loop, here’s everything you need to know about what it means, and when it’s used.

Snapchat is renowned for its ephemeral messages and creative content, as millions of users flock to the app every day to interact with their friends.

As with any social media app, there are a number of different terms and acronyms used on Snapchat to make it faster for people to communicate with each other. But if you’re out of the loop, it can be hard to understand some of the phrases that are commonly used on the platform.

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If you’ve seen the term ‘BMT’ used in either direct messages, or someone else’s story, here’s everything you need to know about what it could mean.

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BMT meaning on Snapchat

BMT usually stands for ‘Big Man Ting,’ a Jamaican English phrase that’s commonly used within London street culture. It refers to “grown-up things,” indicating adult matters or concerns.

The phrase suggests that what is being discussed is significant or should be taken seriously, and it’s often used among friends to express sincerity and authenticity in a statement.

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For example, a Snapchat user might say, “BMT, that was the best concert I’ve ever been to,” to stress their genuine enthusiasm and positive experience at an event. It could also be used to preface a serious comment or piece of advice, as in “BMT, you should really apologize to her.”

Although that is the most common meaning of BMT, there are other things it could also stand for, such as ‘Biting My Tongue,’ Basic Military Training,’ or ‘Badminton.’

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If there are any other terms and phrases you don’t know the meaning of, you can check out our guide here to learn all about Snapchat’s most popular slang.

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