Rapidly-growing TikToker gets Twitch partnership after just one stream in 2023

Mattykay on his first stream after half a yearMattykay/Twitch

After just one stream, mega-popular TikToker Mattykay has managed to secure a Twitch Partnership, typically an achievement that takes a matter of months for the average streamer. 

Mattykay is seemingly accustomed to achieving content creator goals at breakneck speeds at this point. The TikToker who comes from its ‘Tech-Tok’ community has just earned one of Twitch’s most highly coveted achievements, a Partnership, after just one stream in half a year. 

Just last year in September he smashed the goal of reaching 100K subscribers in two days on YouTube, earning a plaque that comes along with the achievement.

He did this by hosting a giveaway for a $1,600 gaming PC, and all a viewer had to do to enter was subscribe to his channel and leave a comment. Now, he’s reached new heights on yet another platform by bringing his audience over to Twitch as well.

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According to SullyGnome, a Twitch analytics website, Mattykay’s channel was made on 23 March 2021.

He streamed semi-regularly from September to October of 2021, but only to a small number of viewers. He would go on to have a singular stream in 2022. Despite amassing a sizable TikTok following, they did not follow him to the Twitch Channel right away.

This led up to a stream he did three days ago. His first in half a year. It is the only stream achieved on his channel, and he used the opportunity to reintroduce himself on the streaming platform.

This time, his sizable TikTok and YouTube following did come with him. 

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The stream consisted of him talking to his chat while explaining why he started streaming, his various struggles with the stream overlay, and when he was going to announce a winner for a giveaway. And just a few days later, he would get a Twitch Partnership.

It’s currently unclear just how he managed to secure the tick so rapidly, as Twitch has a set amount of requirements for streamers to hit in order to apply for Partnership. From streaming a required number of hours to reaching amassing a certain audience, he seems to have bypassed many of the essential steps.

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