The Mandalorian: Who is the Jedi who saved Grogu? Kelleran Beq explained

Kelleran Beq in The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 4Disney+

In The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 4, a familiar Jedi saves Grogu from Order 66 – but who is Kelleran Beq?

After last week’s detour to focus on the trials and tribulations of Dr Pershing, Episode 4 revolves around Grogu training with the other Mandalorian foundlings, while Din and Bo-Katan deal with this week’s monster.

In one scene, the sound of The Armorer pounding beskar to create new armor sparks a flashback to Grogu, in which we see a group of Jedis saving him from a temple in Coruscant.

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He narrowly escapes, and he’s helped by a dual-lightsaber-wielding Jedi you may have seen before – so, who is he?

The Mandalorian: The Jedi who saved Grogu is Kelleran Beq

In The Mandalorian Episode 4, Kelleran Beq rescues Grogu from the Jedi temple and takes him to safety. He is played by Ahmed Best, the host of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge.

In the episode, Kelleran Beq appears at the bottom of an elevator after the other Jedi are killed by troopers. He takes Grogu aboard his speeder and takes to the skies while being pursued by enemy forces.

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Kelleran Beq in Star Wars: Jedi Temple ChallengeLucasfilm

After baiting a ship into a collision, he crash-lands and takes Grogu onto another ship, before jumping into hyperspace.

As per the wiki, Kelleran Beq served as a Jedi Master who supervised Padawans during their training. Due to his renowned skills with a lightsaber, he became known as the “Sabered Hand.”

In an earlier interview, Best said: “I think what’s the most important about the representation of someone like Kelleran Beq as far as being a person of color and the leader of this Temple – kind of like the Dean of Jedi – is it breaks down what’s possible. It breaks down what you can do, and creates just a brand new world of possibilities out there.”

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