The Last of Us Episode 4: Henry and Sam explained

Henry, Sam's big brother in The Last of UsHBO

Who are Henry and Sam in The Last of Us? Episode 4 introduces the two brothers in a tense face-off with Joel and Ellie, so let’s explain who they are, and what happens in the game.

While The Last of Us revolves around Joel and Ellie, her immunity, and their journey to get her to the Fireflies, the game’s roster of supporting characters pack a punch.

We all knew what would happen to Sarah, and it still hit like a ton of bricks. Tess, Joel’s smuggling partner, got an even sadder, ickier sendoff in the show compared to the game.

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With more still to come, we’ve finally met Henry and Sam, two brothers hiding out in Kansas City.

Warning: we will be detailing what happens to Henry and Sam in the game further down in this article. There will be another warning before that section.

The Last of Us: Who are Henry and Sam?

In Episode 4, we don’t know much about Henry and Sam other than the following: Henry is Sam’s older brother, they’ve ran out of food, and they’re hiding from Kathleen and her soldiers, presumed to be Hunters.

Sam, Henry's little brother, in The Last of UsHBO

When we first meet Kathleen, she’s interrogating a doctor over the whereabouts of “Henry Burrell”. None of this has been confirmed, so it’s open to speculation: did Henry Burrell give up the identity of her brother to FEDRA, knowing they’d execute him as a member of the Hunters, and perhaps provide safe-ish passage for both of them?

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Joel and Ellie have a bloody scuffle with raiders, leaving three bodies in their wake. When Kathleen finds them, she believes it’s Henry’s doing, so he’s clearly capable and trained in combat.

This is your last chance to get the hell out here… huge spoilers ahead.

What happens to Henry and Sam in the game?

In The Last of Us game, Henry and Sam both die. Henry is forced to kill Sam after he becomes infected, and in his grief, he shoots himself while blaming Joel for everything that happens.

Henry and Sam were among the few survivors from Hartford, but they’d hoped to find supplies and refuge in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, they were quickly ambushed by Hunters, separating them from their small group.

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While hiding out in an apartment building, they encounter Joel and Ellie. Henry immediately tries to attack Joel, believing him to be a Hunter. However, after nearly killing each other, they agree to help each other get out of the city.

Tensions never really settle between Joel and Henry, despite having common ground. Henry is fiercely protective of Sam and wants to find the Fireflies so they can have protection and somewhere to live, while Joel needs to find the rebels to help Ellie get wherever she needs to go.

It’s a dicey escape from the city, but they manage to make it to the suburbs. However, they’re attacked by Hunters and runners once more, but manage to defeat them and find a house to sleep in. There, Joel and Henry bond over their memories before the outbreak, and Henry realizes his friends from Hartford have probably been killed or left without him and Sam.

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The next morning, his worst nightmare comes true: Sam was scratched by a runner, so he’s infected. Joel tries to shoot him, but Henry stops him… before shooting Sam himself. “It’s all your fault,” Henry shouts at Joel, before pointing the gun to his head and taking his own life.

Later, it’s implied that Joel and Ellie buried Henry and Sam before heading west, but Joel doesn’t allow Ellie to talk about the brothers for the rest of the game.

The Last of Us Episode 5 will be available to watch early on February 10 in the US and February 11 in the UK. You can check out the rest of our coverage here, and the trailer for the weeks ahead here.

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