The ending of Halloween Ends explained, plus is there a post-credit scene?

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Halloween Ends concludes the beloved horror franchise this week, so read on to find out how the Laurie Strode and Michael Myers story played out, plus what the horror sequel sets up for the future.

The Halloween franchise is all over the places, with numerous sequels and reboots hitting screens since John Carpenter’s original back in 1978.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are the most recent filmmakers to take the reigns, releasing their own Halloween – a direct sequel to that original – in 2018.

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They followed it up with Halloween Kills in 2021, while the conclusion to their trilogy – or overarching quadrilogy – released this week in the “shape” of Halloween Ends. So let’s examine exactly how it ended, via LOTS OF SPOILERS…

What happens at the end of Halloween Ends?

Halloween Ends focuses on new character Corey Cunningham for much of its run-time, as discussed in our review. But in the home strait, the film delivers what the title suggests.

As the climax approaches, Laurie has a drink, lights a pumpkin, then prepares to kill herself with a bullet to the brain. The gun goes off, Corey’s version of The Shape appears, but – TWIST -Laurie isn’t dead.

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“Did you really think I’d kill myself,” she taunts, before they get into a struggle, and Corey falls over the bannisters down down to the floor below. Which is fitting based on how the movie began.

Laurie follows him down and suggests Corey kill her. In response he laughs, taunts her about daughter Allyson, says “If I can’t have her…” then stabs himself.

Allyson walks in just as Laurie removes the knife, thereby thinking her mother has murdered her lover. She departs and drives off distraught. Then The Shape enters the fray, and ensures Corey is dead by breaking his neck.

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The death of Michael Myers

Laurie and The Shape/Michael Myers then go for each other in the kitchen, and it’s BRUTAL. She eventually stabs him in the arm-pit, while saying “I have run from you, I have chased you, I have tried to contain you… I thought maybe you were the boogeyman, but you are just a man, who’s about to stop breathing.”

Predictably, The Shape grabs her, and she invites him to “Do it.” But then Allyson appears, to save the day, breaking The Shape’s arm before Laurie opens his vein. “He’s dead” says Laurie. “Not dead enough” responds Allyson.

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And so they attach the body to the top of a car, parade him through the streets in a midnight procession, and dispose of the killer in an industrial shredder, meaning that The Shape no longer has any kind of shape.

Does Halloween Ends have a post-credit scene?

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have been pretty clear about their sequel trilogy being just that – a three-film series that ends with Ends. In-keeping with this plan, there is no post-credit scene at the end of Halloween Ends.

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Instead, the film’s climactic exchange hints at a hopeful future. Officer Hawkins (Will Patton) made no secret of his interest in Laurie during the film, and in the final scene, he brings her some vegetables, to thank her, and to let her know he’s been thinking about her.

They sit on the steps in front of her home, and in a callback to Hawkins previously talking about wanting to go to Japan, Laurie says “What was it you were saying about those cherry blossoms?” Suggesting their future is together, overseas, and hopefully a happy one. As long as Michael really is dead…

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Halloween Ends is in cinemas now, while for details of where to watch it at home, head here.

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