The Brothers Sun fans are “devastated” by show’s cancellation

Jessica Cullen
Michelle Yeoh as Eileen "Mama" Sun and Justin Chien as Charles Sun sitting at the table with papers in front of them

The Brothers Sun has now been cancelled by Netflix after one season, and fans aren’t happy at all.

Just two months after it first aired on Netflix, The Brothers Sun has been cancelled. With eight well-received episodes under its belt and a cast that includes Michelle Yeoh, its safe to say that fans were surprised (and appalled) by this early end.

The Brothers Sun is an action-packed comedy that followed a small family’s shift in circumstances when the eldest brother — a renowned Taipei gangster — moves to California to protect his mother and younger brother.

Naturally, this turns their entire world upside-down, and fans quickly fell in love with the unique and brutal take on a typical family drama. Now, fans are furious at Netflix for shutting down the show’s potential.

Fans react to The Brothers Sun cancellation by Netflix

When it was announced on March 1 that The Brothers Sun had been cancelled by Netflix, fans took to Reddit to express their anger, saying they were “devastated” by the news.

“I really hate Netflix,” one comment said. Netflix quickly became the main target, with another comment writing: “Why even start to watch a good show when Netflix just cancels after one season? Crazy man.”

“That’s so lame. They barley marketed this show at all. Please let FX or another network pick it up!” another wrote.

“I’m highly offended and quite disappointed,” said one user, while another added: “Dude this was one of the best random shows that was suggested to me through a friend. I didn’t see it advertised ANYWHERE and I loved every minute of it. What a shame….”

“I’m devastated,” said another. “It was so good. But it kinda makes sense because the marketing was NOT good at all.”

Many addressed it being part of a worrying trend, with some comments noting that it’s yet another cancellation of a show with an Asian-led cast. What’s more, it’s not just Netflix.

“Also upsetting they cancel the POC shows more often than not — whereas they’ll have multiple seasons of dumb reality shows that should have been cancelled a long time ago,” one comment said.

“So, so bummed!” wrote another. “I just got into American Born Chinese towards the end of last year and Disney cancelled that. Then I watched Brothers Sun and now they cancelled that. And I got into Warrior only to find out that Max cancelled that. Hoping that Netflix will pick up Warrior for another season but it doesn’t seem likely if they already dropped Brothers Sun. All of the shows about Asian Americans are being cancelled.”

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