The Boys Season 4: Who are Firecracker & Sister Sage?

Firecracker and Sister Sage in The BoysAmazon Studios

Two new supes are coming to The Boys Season 4: Firecracker and Sister Sage.

From relative obscurity to non-comic book readers, The Boys is fast becoming one of the most well-known superhero properties in the world.

In a pop culture landscape saturated with Marvel, DC, and others trying (and failing) to cash in on the superhero craze, Amazon’s show offered grotesque violence, sex, satire, and much more. Whether it’s a woman crushing a man’s head like a pumpkin while sitting on his face or another man bursting out of his boyfriend’s penis, there’s never a dull episode.

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Season 3 recently came to a close, ending the show’s best installment so far. Fortunately, development on the fourth season is well underway – and a couple of new supes are set to join the fray.

The Boys showrunner reveals Firecracker & Sister Sage casting

In an update regarding Season 4, showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed two things: firstly, Cameron Crovetti, who plays Homelander’s son Ryan, is being bumped up to a series regular next time. Given the haunting last scene in the finale, this isn’t surprising.

Secondly, The Lost Symbol’s Valorie Curry will play Firecracker, while Orange is the New Black star Susan Heyward will play Sister Sage.

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In the most recent update, The Boys official Twitter account shared a first-look at the new supes.

Kripke told Variety: “Ryan is a really important piece of the story because he’s half Becca, half Homelander.

“If Butcher can figure out how to get his shit together and get the kid back, that could be the single best weapon they have against Homelander.

“But vice versa. If Homelander wins the kid over, that’s apocalyptic because then there’s two Homelanders. It’s like a child drama with apocalyptic stakes. It’s like Kramer vs. Kramer meets Avengers: Endgame. So that will be a really rich story moving forward.”

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The Boys Season 4: Who are Firecracker & Sister Sage?

Unlike the introduction of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, a bigoted Captain America figure whose debut was highly anticipated by fans, Firecracker and Sister Sage are a bit different.

Simply put, neither character appears to have any origin in Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s original comics, but Kripke promises they’re some of the “craziest” supes ever written for the show.

“These new Supes are some of the best & craziest ever written for #TheBoys. You are going to love them. And by love, I mean be absolutely horrified & a tiny bit nauseous. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY YOU GUYS,” he tweeted.

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If you’re looking for any clues regarding who they are, one location seems like a sensible place to start: the Sage Grove Center, the psychiatric hospital for Vought supes and test subjects first seen in Season 2.

Were Sister Sage and Firecracker raised in the facility? Have they managed to escape? Is Homelander recruiting some new supes to help him conquer the world? We’ll find out next year, when The Boys (hopefully) returns.