The Boys: Deleted scene sets up Season 4 drama

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in The Boys.Amazon Prime

A deleted scene from Season 3 of The Boys gives us an update on Hughie’s fate, and also finds Bill lying to the character. All of which suggests there’s much drama to come in Season 4.

Season 3 of The Boys saw Bill the Butcher (Karl Urban) taking Compound V, aka V-24, aka aka Temp V, to do battle with super-powered villains. Turning him into the very thing he hates.

It came at a high price however, as at the end of the season, he discovered that exposure to the drug has a devastating affect on his body, and that he only has months to live.

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In advance of the arrival of Season 4, a deleted scene shows us what happened after Bill received that diagnosis. And it involves the grumpy cockney lying to Hughie (Jake Quaid). Which could have far-reaching consequences.

What happens in The Boys deleted scene?

The deleted scene in question – which can be viewed on Games Radar – begins with Bill telling his doctor to go away. But using much fruitier language. Hughie then enters the room talking about the shunt in his head making him “literally” sh*t his brains out.

He then says to Bill: “They said it’ll be a couple of months, a lot of migraines, but I’m mostly all good. We stopped taking the V just in time I guess.”

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Bill doesn’t look so happy. Hughie asks “Have they told you?” To which Bill lies “Yeah. Yeah same here. Aren’t we a lucky couple of f**kers, eh?”

“That’s good,” says Hughie. “That’s great.” At which point Bill just looks down and sighs. Only too aware that he’s been the opposite of lucky.

How does this affect Season 4?

Season 4 will see Bill, Hughie, Frenchie, Kimiko, Mother’s Milk, and Annie doing battle with Homelander and his villainous pals. Again.

But Butcher being terminal adds drama to proceedings, as we know it’s now unlikely that he’ll go the distance. While the fact that he’s keeping this information from Hughie – and as Season 4 progresses, doubtless the rest of The Boys – will surely complicates matters going forward.

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Whatever happens, there’s much more to come, as showrunner Erik Kripke recently promised that the S4 finale won’t be The Boys’ finale.

We still don’t have a launch date however, but as soon as there’s new of S4 hitting Prime Video we’ll post it, alongside all of our coverage of The Boys, which can be found here.