Teen Wolf The Movie: Will there be a sequel?

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Teen Wolf The Movie may be hit or miss with fans, but considering that there’s so much potential, could there be a sequel on the way?

Teen Wolf, the hit supernatural YA series from the early 2010s, went out with somewhat of a whimper in the late 2010s with its 100th episode. And as for the movie, well, you can check out our review here.

But love it or hate it, the movie has clearly left an impact on the story of Beacon Hills, while still leaving some threads hanging. There’s always more potential for more stories, which could mean more movies.

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The original 1985 Teen Wolf Movie had a sequel (though it was awful) so why not this film? So, will there be a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie? Let us explain…

Will there be a Teen Wolf Movie 2?

As of writing, no sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie has been announced by Paramount. But there’s still a possibility that it could happen.

For reasons why a sequel may not happen, the main one is likely scheduling. Teen Wolf has a big cast, so it would need a lot of maneuvering to bring everyone back again. It’s been five years since the series ended, and the cast likely has things going on, so people could be too busy for a sequel.

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Then again, most came back (barring others like Dylan O’Brien, sob) for this film, so it may be the perfect time to sign everyone on for another.

And for some cast members, like main star Tyler Posey, it’s been great to return to Beacon Hills. During a roundtable press interview, as per Distractify, Posey expressed his hope – and the rest of the cast’s hope – for future Teen Wolf projects.

“It’s something we fantasize about with each other,” he said. “We’re kind of talking about … if we have another movie, like we start, like brainstorming and kind of getting ideas together.”

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But the actor then made sure to add that “there’s nothing set in stone just yet. Hopefully, the fans love this movie and we get the green light to do more.”

So reception to the film will likely play a big part in whether or not Teen Wolf: The Movie 2 will happen. And while there’s been mixed opinions on the film, the fandom certainly hasn’t slowed down, with #TeenWolfMovie trending on Twitter after the film’s release.

Continuing his interview, Posey explained how if a sequel did happen, he’d love to do more of his own stunts.

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“I injured my back during the shoot,” he said. “So a lot of the stunt work was my stunt double, which is just great because I paid my dues on the TV show.

“I did as much as I could on the TV show and then I gave myself a little bit of a break, for hopefully if there’s more, I can come back and actually do more of my stunts.”

Teen Wolf: The Movie is currently available to stream on Paramount+. You can also check out more of our coverage of the film here.