4 Son Suk-ku Movies & K-dramas to watch after A Killer Paradox

Gabriela Silva
The Roundup, My Liberation Notes, Nothing Serious, D.P.

Son Suk-ku stars in A Killer Paradox as a detective on the hunt for a killer – but the actor has a few other on-screen hits to watch.

Like his co-star, Son Suk-ku was born in Korea and continued his studies abroad in Canada and Boston. The actor rose to fame in South Korea playing supporting roles before landing his first leading role in Matrimonial Chaos. He’s also appeared in Designated Survivor: 60 Days and Suits, both based on the American series.

Son gained global attention when appearing in Season 2 of Sense8 alongside actor Doona Bae. He now stars as Jang Nan-gam in A Killer Paradox. His character is a police detective called to Lee Tang’s first murder case. As more murders occur with no evidence, he begins to suspect Lee Tang.

Amid his career, Son has played some notable roles from a Netflix favorite to hit silver screen movies.

My Liberation Notes

Two sisters and their brother face life’s challenges and how to move on as they face the turmoil of love, their purpose, and escaping their dead-end lives.

My Liberation Notes was praised among fans for its life lessons ranging from finding one’s way and discovering true happiness. The K-drama follows Chang-hee and his sisters, Mi-jeong and Ki-jeong. Chang-hee is the second oldest and works at the headquarters of a convenience store franchise.

His sister, Mi-jeong, is the youngest sibling, who works in the design department for a credit card company. The eldest is Ki-jeong, who’s an employee at a research company. Each sibling has a story to tell on how they look at their lives – but things change when they meet Mr. Gu, a stranger who begins to work for their father and is hiding something.

D.P. Season 1 and 2

The main character learns the reality of mistreatment in the military when serving his mandatory service, as he’s also tasked to find AWOL soldiers and bring them back at all costs.

Netflix’s D.P. was one of the most acclaimed K-dramas of the season for its depiction of South Korea’s mandatory military service tied with real-life events of abuse and mistreatment. The K-drama focuses on Private Ahn Jun-ho as he enlists to fulfill his duty. He witnesses firsthand how superiors physically and mentally mistreat subordinates.

Jun-ho is soon added to the Deserters Pursuit team. They’re tasked with finding and bringing back AWOL soldiers. But morals and emotion play a part, as Jun-ho is well aware of why they abandoned the military. Son Suk-ku played the role of Captain Im Ji-sup in both seasons.

The Roundup

This crime action movie is a sequel to the 2017 film The Outlaws and follows Detective Ma Seok-do in Vietnam, who encounters a horrid serial killer.

The storyline of the sequel takes place four years after the first movie. Don Lee reprised his role as Seok-do as he ventures to Vietnam to extradite a suspect. While there, he learns from the suspect that he willingly turned himself in because someone wants to kill him.

A further investigation leads Seok-do to a startling reality. A man named Kang Hae-sung is a vicious killer who has kidnapped and killed Korean citizens in Vietnam, along with many tourists. When Seok-do and his partner are ordered back to Korea, they also learn Hae-sung smuggled into the country. It’s now up to Seok-do to put an end to him.

Son Suk-ku played the leading role of Hae-sang in The Roundup.

Nothing Serious

Finding love in the digital age can be complicated, but two lonely people manage to make it work when meeting through a dating app in Nothing Serious.

The 2021 movie was Son’s first leading role on the big screen. Woo-ri (Son) is single and 33-years-old. Despite not being very good at relationships, he’s a rookie writer who writes a sex column. He has bigger dreams of becoming a novelist, but he’s also incredibly lonely.

Ja-young (Jun Jong-seo), on the other hand, is 29 years old and newly single after her boyfriend dumped her after just a month of dating. She’s a spitfire and vows to become a mature woman by 30. Due to her breakup, she also vows to no longer date, but the two find themselves meeting on a dating app.