Ryan Gosling exuded “Kenergy” on The Gray Man set

Sam Comrie
an image of ryan gosling as barbie and in the gray man

Ryan Gosling has spoken about the process of filming The Gray Man for Netflix, revealing that his role in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie may have influenced the Russo Brothers.

It feels like an eternity since Ryan Gosling graced cinema screens in 2018, but the Canadian actor is back with the Netflix action thriller The Gray Man.

Directed by acclaimed Marvel duo the Russo Brothers, Gosling has reflected on his time on set and it seems his role in Barbie has already started a cultural reset.

Ryan Gosling’s Barbie role is already breaking the internet

Amid promotional duties for The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at The Gray Man’s premiere on July 14 in Los Angeles. The film reportedly features a line of dialog in which Chris Evans refers to Gosling as a “Ken Doll”, prompting intrigue as to whether this was added by the Russo’s intentionally.

Gosling clarified “that I don’t know. I don’t know where that came from, but they felt my ‘Kenergy’.”

“It was palpable, I guess,” added the La La Land actor.

The creation of Ryan Gosling’s ‘Kenergy’ is just the latest of wild statements the actor has made about his appearance in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie.

Gosling stated to Variety that the role of Ken has “has been coming my whole life.”

“I felt like I was seeing myself. I felt seen. I think a lot of Kens will feel seen when they see this,” continued Gosling. The actor felt that he has to “do it for the Kens. Nobody plays with the Kens.”

Though Greta Gerwig’s take on the world of Barbie has only just wrapped filming, Gosling has been revealing just how his version of the iconic doll will be on screen.

“Ken life is even harder than the ‘Gray Man’ life, I think,” Gosling explained. “Ken’s got no money, he’s got no job, he’s got no car, he’s got no house. He’s going through some stuff.”

Before we can see Gosling’s ‘Kenergy’ truly explored on-screen, we’ll have to see him kick ass in The Gray Man for now.

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