Netflix’s Queen Cleopatra is one of the worst-reviewed shows ever

Josh Tyler
Queen Cleopatra

The newly-released docudrama Queen Cleopatra has only a 2% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps the worst-reviewed show ever.

Netflix has been under fire for its propensity to cancel popular shows after just one season, not giving them enough time to build an audience. That may not be a problem for Queen Cleopatra.

The docudrama tells the story of one of history’s greatest legends, following her rise to power and eventual fall as one of the last pharaohs of the Egyptian dynasty.

For a myriad of reasons, though, the show is being torn apart by reviewers and audiences alike.

Queen Cleopatra on Netflix

How bad are Queen Cleopatra’s reviews?

Queen Cleopatra currently has an 11% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes by critics, and a 2% audience approval rating.

While the quality has been eviscerated by critics and fans alike, there is one other factor that is playing into the bad reviews, too.

Many viewers, particularly in Egypt, have criticized the show for its decision to cast Black actress Adele James in the titular role as not being historically accurate. As Forbes noted, “There is not terribly credible evidence that Cleopatra was Black, and instead she was of Macedonian Greek descent.”

As a result, many have dismissed the show’s poor reviews as review-bombing, but even critics seem to be particularly down on the series.

Several reviews, including that by Forbes, described the acting and production on Queen Cleopatra as “soap opera” quality.

Fans also agree, with several fan reviews saying that it was a “a rather incoherent and uninteresting show.”

Some admitted that the acting was at least passable, but many noted that “the story is just slow and dreadful.”

If Netflix does indeed decide to cancel the show, don’t expect for there to be too much backlash.

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