Morgan actor reveals “most important” part of The Walking Dead’s legacy

Daniel Cleary

The Walking Dead actor Lennie James, who stars as Morgan in the hit TV series, has revealed the “most important thing” that the show has done, following the announcement of its final season.

Since his appearance in the very first episode of The Walking Dead, Lennie James has played a massive role in AMC’s hit show, starring as Morgan, one of the first survivors that Rick Grimes encounters.

Although he departed the show late in Season 8, Morgan has still been a fan-favorite among TWD fans, going on to star as one of the lead characters in Fear The Walking Dead, the popular spinoff to the post-apocalyptic TV series.

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However, after it was announced that The Walking Dead would finally be wrapping up with Season 11, Lennie James has now weighed on the decision to end the original series.

rick and morgan from walking deadAMC
Lennie James was featured as one of the lead characters in the early seasons of The Walking Dead.

During the Talking Dead Preview Special, Morgan’s actor explained that the show has had a major “impact on his life and career,” revealing his surprise when the announcement was first made.

“I happened to be with a good number of the crew from Walking Dead and a few cast members, James explained, “like everybody, I was surprised. But like everybody, we all knew at some point everything comes to an end.”

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However, despite the show coming to a close, Lennie James focused on the legacy that The Walking Dead was leaving behind and the “most important” things that it has accomplished, following the incredible success it has seen since its debut in October 2010.

Morgan in the walking deadAMC
Morgan will be returning to Fear The Walking Dead for Season 6.

“The thing that’s going to be most important were the actors that it has introduced people to, and has introduced to the world,” The popular actor explained, adding “and what it has done for television, how it became such an unlikely and phenomenal success. and how it expanded the scope of what’s possible in television.”

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“I think it’s sad that it’s going,” he later admitted, “it’s inevitable at some point it had to go, but I think what it’s achieved and what it’s done, it will be hard for any show to match, really.”

Although the original show will be ending, Fear the Walking Dead is showing no signs of slowing and is set to return with some major changes to Morgan in Season 6 on October 11.

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