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How to watch The Walking Dead streams for free on Twitch

Published: 18/Sep/2020 18:09

by Daniel Cleary


AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead will be launching a Twitch channel for all content surrounding the show and its spinoffs, including episode premieres and more. Here’s how you can tune in for free.

Ahead of the Walking Dead’s Season 10 finale on October 4, it was announced that they would be starting a dedicated channel for the franchise on Amazon’s broadcasting platform, Twitch.

The Twitch channel, called TWDUniverse, will feature plenty of exclusive content each week for their interactive streams, giving fans of the three shows a chance to catch up on all things The Walking Dead. Here’s everything you’ll need to know.


Walking Dead universe poster
AMC, Twitter
Exclusive The Walking Dead content will be released on AMC’s new Twitch channel, TWDUniverse.

How to watch The Walking Dead streams

To watch you’ll simply need to tune into TWDUniverse’s official Twitch channel when they go live, which we also have embedded below.

The new Walking Dead channel will host a launch party on Sunday, September 20 at 7:30pm ET to celebrate the new channel, kicking things off with a Season 10 marathon.

While you do not need to create a Twitch account to watch any of their upcoming streams, you will need to make one if you plan on interacting in the chat or following the channel to get notifications when it is broadcasting.

Official TWDUniverse Twitch stream

What will be streamed on The Walking Dead’s channel?

AMC Networks revealed that followers of the stream will be able to participate in a ‘Watchalong’ during episode premieres every Sunday and with exclusive follow-up shows like The Walking Dead Catch Up, Re-Watching Dead, and Recapping Dead also expected to be released on the channel.


The channel has been described as a “first-of-its-kind live-streaming entertainment experience” and they will be continuing to expand with more exclusive content throughout the seasons.

They also announced that viewers would be able to “watch classic The Walking Dead episodes” on the channel as well.

While other TWD spinoffs have recently been leaked and teased, such as a TV series on fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon, it is also possible that this new channel could be used to debut some of their new shows in the future as well.