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Maggie actress Lauren Cohan on Walking Dead ending: “It’s bittersweet”

Published: 18/Sep/2020 13:55

by David Purcell


The Walking Dead Season 10 finale is on the horizon but fans – and the cast – now know that there is an end date on the world they have seen develop. Actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, has revealed that the whole thing is actually “bittersweet” for her. 

After appearing for the first time in TWD back in Season 2, she has been one of the show’s most prominent figures. Though, she has been absent for large chunks of the last two seasons, after splitting off from the main group for their decision to keep Negan alive. This was all before the Season 9 time skip.


As we previously reported, Maggie has been confirmed to take part in the final episode of the current season, where the survivors will take on The Whisperers one last time.

During an interview on the Live with Kelly & Ryan show, she’s also confirmed the character is here to stay.

Lauren Cohan on Walking Dead ending

Maggie in the walking dead season 10
Maggie returns soon in The Walking Dead.

One of the biggest topics of the brief interview, though, was the news that The Walking Dead will be ending in Season 12.

As confirmed by AMC, spinoff shows for the likes of Norman Reedus – one of the series’ most popular characters – will run on in its absence. That said, the actress who plays Maggie can’t help but see two sides to the announcement.


“It’s bittersweet,” she said. “I kind of got excited when we first announced it, just because fans and everybody who’s watched all this time and been part of our invested family is… We’re so lucky we’ve been going so long and it’s so exciting to say ‘Okay, let’s all key in for this final season and watch it together’, and it makes me appreciate it.

Full segment below. 

The Walking Dead Maggie spinoff?

During another segment of the chat, Cohan also confirmed her location and as you might expect, that place was Georgia.

The cast is currently filming more episodes to be aired when the show returns in October, but also opened up the chance of more spinoffs, too. She added: “And then, people are so hungry for our whole universe still that it’s exciting because there will be spin-off possibilities.”


With Daryl Dixon’s confirmed for 2022, it remains to be seen if Maggie is picked for another in the future. Other actors, like Tom Payne (Jesus) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) have also been linked with other projects to continue their characters, but as of now, they have not been announced.