Michael Keaton’s Batman had “five scenes” in canceled Batgirl movie, leaker claims

Cameron Frew
Michael Keaton as Batman and Leslie Grace in the canceled Batgirl movie

Michael Keaton reportedly had just “five scenes” as Batman in the canceled Batgirl movie, according to leaked details.

Keaton first donned the cowl in 1989’s Batman, later starring in Batman Returns. However, a creative clash with Joel Schumacher saw him depart from Batman Forever, and he’s not reprised the role since.

However, that’s about to change: he’ll return for Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie alongside Ben Affleck’s caped crusader, said to be a loose adaptation of Flashpoint.

He was also expected to appear in Batgirl, the big-screen debut of Leslie Grace’s hero. However, Warner Bros. has officially canceled the film, and details have now leaked regarding his involvement.

Details leak about Michael Keaton’s Batman return in Batgirl

ViewerAnon, a reputable insider who’s leaked earlier details regarding blockbusters and test screening receptions, shared details regarding Michael Batman’s return in the wake of the Batgirl news.

“OK well no point holding info anymore: Michael Keaton only had 5 scenes in BATGIRL,” they tweeted.


“He didn’t train Barbara, she just dressed up as Batman for a Halloween party, stopped some terrorists, and tweaked the costume to be a superhero.”

While not playing a substantial role, the film appears to have revolved around Keaton’s Batman, with the two heroes teaming up by the end and soaring across the city together.

ViewerAnon continued: “He meets Barbara twice in costume, first on the street telling her not to do this, then in one of those big Tim Burton-y towers where he helps her with something she needs.

“The last scene of the movie was them teaming up and diving off a gargoyle to fly around Gotham.”

Brendan Fraser’s Firefly was the “highpoint” of Batgirl

The insider also shared some details about Brendan Fraser’s performance as Firefly, a supervillain pyromaniac and arsonist. “Everyone liked him! Fraser consistently pointed to as the highpoint by all of my sources,” they wrote.

“Everyone really liked Brendan Fraser as Firefly. His backstory: he was a slower goon for a Gotham mob boss that went straight to support his son’s political aspirations. So Firefly got a normal job to try and pay for his sick wife’s healthcare.

“Firefly gets fired from his job and his health insurance is canceled, so he desperately turns back to crime in order to help his wife.”

JK Simmons was also due to reprise his role as Commissioner Gordon, and was reportedly “excellent” in the film.

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