Why Grant Gustin won’t replace Ezra Miller in The Flash

The Flash movieDC/Warner Bros.

Due to the recent problematic actions of Flash actor Ezra Miller, many are calling for them to be replaced. But there’s a reason that won’t be happening.

The Flash film, starring Ezra Miller, has been one of the most eagerly anticipated DC movies. Especially since the film – which wrapped production in 2021 – was pushed back to a June 2023 release because of global restrictions.

But due to Miller’s recent actions, some fans are no longer quite as excited.

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The non-binary actor initially seemed perfect for the role. In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, fans were instantly endeared to Miller’s performance as the young superhero. Not only that, but having a non-binary and queer actor playing a main superhero felt like DC was taking a great step towards inclusivity in their superhero universe.

However, in recent months, Miller seems to have lost all that good favor.

Ezra Miller’s problematic behaviour

According to a report in Variety, Miller has repeatedly been taken into custody for different issues, such as traffic violations, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

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Arguably their most infamous controversy has been what happened in Hawaii. Two residents filed a temporary restraining order against Miller after the actor allegedly broke into the couple’s home and tried to steal their wallets and passports. There have also been reports of Miller attempting to physically attack karaoke singers while at a bar in the same state.

These events have led to speculation about what will happen with Miller’s role in The Flash. DC – and its parent company Warner Bros. – are making some of the biggest and most expensive movies right now, so having such a controversial actor at the center of one of their films may be a big problem.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League stand dramaticallyDC/Warner Bros.
Ezra Miller joined the Justice League in Zack Snyder’s film

Some wonder whether or not Miller will be replaced, as other controversial actors have been in the past few years. Any number of stars could be a potential candidate for recasting, but the most obvious choice would be Grant Gustin.

Who is Grant Gustin?

Grant Gutsin is the actor who plays Barry Allen – otherwise know as The Flash – on the CW show of the same name. The series began in 2014, and is currently on its eighth season.

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And while critical opinion of the show has gone up and down over the years, Gustin is clearly giving his all as the titular superhero.

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A poster for Grant Gustin's show The FlashThe CW
Grant Gustin brought The Flash to life on the CW

Because of his experience, and his lack of controversy when compared to Miller, Gustin could potentially be the best person for the film’s main role.

However, DC doesn’t seem to be going ahead with Gustin, or anyone at all, and the completed film – with Miller still in it – is still set to be released next year.

Why won’t Grant Gustin replace Ezra Miller in The Flash film?

According to Variety, because filming has wrapped, and Miller’s Barry Allen is in almost every scene, replacing them would simply be too timely and too costly. The film is reportedly already too expensive as it is, and replacing Miller may lead to the film not being able to make back its budget.

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Gustin is also potentially too busy to replace Miller, as the CW show is still going strong.

Furthermore, despite Miller’s controversies, the film has been received very well in test screenings, which may imply that Miller’s casting will not significantly impact the critical response to the movie.

But this may all depend on Miller’s behaviour leading up to The Flash’s cinematic release. It is likely that DC and Warner Bros. will attempt to keep the actor under the radar during the film’s press tour, similar to how Ansel Elgort was absent during the West Side Story press tour after his 2020 allegations. Miller’s streak of trouble has already led to Warner Bros. downplaying their involvement in previous collaboration Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

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Fantastic Beasts opened to rather poor reviews, so DC can only hope that the same won’t happen with The Flash.

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