Manifest Season 4 Part 1 ending explained

Angelina in Manifest Season 4 Part 1Netflix

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 has just dropped on Netflix – if you’ve binged all 10 episodes and want to piece together what you’ve just seen, let’s break down the ending.

It’s been more than four years – in our timeline, at least – since Flight 828 landed in New York, only for its passengers to find themselves five-and-a-half years in the future. Of course, this was only the beginning of the mystery.

Season 4 Part 1, the first of two parts of the final season, picks up two years after Season 3. Ben is consumed by grief after the murder of Grace, the Death Date fast approaches, the Callings continue to mystify the passengers – but it’s all going to change.

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There’s a lot to process, so let us explain the ending of Manifest Season 4 Part 1.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 ending explained

First of all, Episode 10 reveals who stole the Omega Sapphire from Eagan after he was knocked out: it was Angelina, but it will prove to be a huge mistake later.

Basically, Angelina has been using the sapphire to create fake Callings, which cause confusion and painful chaos for the passenger of Flight 828. Ben figures this out, but as he tries to escape, she lets out a scream which causes agony for the other passengers, including one who’s detained by the police as a result.

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Ben and Michaela later confront Angelina at her old catholic school, where she’s surrounded by molten lava and students she’s holding hostage. The sapphire is damaging the Earth the more she uses it, but her delusions have gone too far.

Cal manages to pull her into a Calling and pleads with her to stop, to no avail. Instead, she tries to trick him with another fake Calling, but he gets the better of her and grabs the Omega Sapphire, causing it to explode in the Calling and reality. While Ben and Michaela save the hostages, the church collapses on Angelina.

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However, she doesn’t die – her hand emerges from the rubble, and she grabs the last remaining shard of the crystal, which sets her hand alight and burns the stone into her palm, leaving her with a stone arm. The episode ends with her walking out of the church, with streams of lava flowing around the city – a bit like the ending of Stranger Things Season 4.

What about everyone else? Well, Flight 828’s passengers still aren’t saved from the Death Date, and it turns out the whole world is also at risk, but they’re close to figuring out how to save everyone. Season 4 Part 2 will likely follow their efforts to find the other pieces of the Omega Sapphire and track down Angelina.

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And then there’s Zeke. Oh, poor Zeke. While Ben and Michaela were off trying to stop Angelina, he stayed by Cal’s side and looked after him. Zeke had the power to take on other’s emotions, so he decides to absorb Cal’s pain and sacrifice himself, because Cal is the “Dragon” who can save the world.

Ben and Michaela arrive to say their final goodbyes, and after he dies, Cal wakes up with a clean bill of health.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.