Ghost in the Shell director’s first original movie finally coming to 4K

Anthony McGlynn
Angel's Egg

Finally, it’s going to become easier to watch Mamoru Oshii’s Angel’s Egg, as the legendary film is getting a 4K release in 2025.

An early anime movie from the Ghost in the Shell director, Angel’s Egg, is an avant-garde sci-fi production that was truly ahead of its time. The minimalist picture follows an unnamed young woman who protects a mysterious egg on the outskirts of a desolate city. She’s joined by a young soldier, and they navigate patrolling biomechanical tanks together.

It’s an odd, esoteric film that came out in 1985, and you can see the influence through the likes of Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Ergo Proxy. Unfortunately, for the longest time, it’s been difficult to track down.

Occasional theatrical showings, a VHS release, and limited DVD and Blu-ray versions have kept the film accessible, just not particularly mainstream. That’s changing, since it’s been revealed that Mamoru is overseeing a 4K transfer that’s due sometime in 2025, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Angel’s Egg.

With any luck, this will continue the push for more physical releases and greater preservation. We’ll keep you informed as more details arise. Check out our list of the best upcoming anime for everything else you should be aware of.