Kevin Smith thinks Galactus will be the next Thanos-level threat in the MCU

Kevin Smith thinks Galactus is the next MCU big bad.YouTube: Kevin Smith, Marvel Entertainment

Kevin Smith thinks the Fantastic Four’s upcoming introduction points to Galactus as the MCU’s next big bad.

One of the biggest complaints regarding Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the lack of another looming threat that would unite the Avengers.

After Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame resulted in the Mad Titan Thanos finally being defeated, paying off almost a decade of build up, fans were unsure where the MCU would go next.

MCU exec Kevin Feige promised that the future of the MCU would be revealed soon, but Clerks director and comic aficionado Kevin Smith has his own thoughts on what is to come.

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Kevin Smith weighs in on Galactus

Is Galactus the next MCU major antagonist.YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

In an interview with Forbes, Smith weighed in on the futures of several comic franchises including the DCEU and MCU.

But when asked about who that major antagonist who might be revealed is, Smith had one name: Galactus.

“There’s a part of me that feels Galactus because they want to bring [the Fantastic Four] in a big, bad way,” Smith said.

Galactus has been best-known as a foe of the Fantastic Four, and is an entity that requires so much power that he must consume entire planets to sustain his existence.

For MCU fans, that certainly sounds familiar to the plot of the Phase 4 movie, Eternals, which revealed that a planet must be sacrificed in order for a new Celestial to be born.

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Smith also thinks Secret Wars could be coming

Kevin Smith thinks Secret Wars could be on the way.YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

Smith also mentioned an adaptation of Secret Wars could be in the future, given how much the MCU seems to be drifting towards the multiverse as a plot device.

“I don’t know, man. In a world where they’re doing the multiverse…how far away is the idea of you’re all being brought to this place away from Earth where no one will get hurt, and you’re all going to fight the s*** out of each other?”

Secret Wars is a comic book storyline in which cosmic entities called the Beyonders cause an incursion that results in variants of all the Marvel characters fighting each other in a mysterious place called Battleworld.

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Many fans have speculated that Secret Wars could be the upcoming mega-crossover event and could be used to introduce new elements like mutants or the inhumans to the MCU.

With the multiverse now open thanks to Doctor Strange 2, there’s no telling if Smith’s theory is crazy, or crazy enough to be true.