Joe Russo claims going to the theater is an “elitist notion”

An image of Joe Russo promoting The Gray Man for NetflixWIRED, Netflix

Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo has cemented his stance on streaming, amid the release of The Gray Man.

Streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+ have radically changed how we watch TV and movies. Marvel’s directors The Russo Brothers are the latest to embrace bringing the theatre experience to our homes.

Now, The Gray Man co-director Joe Russo has spoken out to firmly stand for watching new movies at home.

The Gray Man’s Joe Russo slams “sacred space” of the theater

As the Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans-starring The Gray Man prepares to release on Netflix, co-director Joe Russo told The Hollywood Reporter about his stance on the current streaming model.

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With multiple platforms to choose from, Russo explained that “we’re in crisis right now because everyone’s at war with each other.”

“A thing to remember, too, is it’s an elitist notion to be able to go to a theater. It’s very f****** expensive,” continued the Marvel director.

“This idea that was created — that we hang on to — that the theater is a sacred space, is bullsh*t.”

Russo related his experience in the MCU to working with Netflix, saying “that that allows you is an understanding that goes beyond a Hollywood-centric point of view of how to create content.”

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“You know what might make everybody happy is Netflix starts doing 45-day windows and they have their giant digital distribution platform. Everybody wins. That feels like where it’s going,” added Russo.

Iconic “auteur” directors such as Martin Scorsese have utilized streaming, but Russo feels the “world needs change” when it comes to revering older filmmaking methods.

“The more that we try to prevent it from changing, the more chaos we create. It’s not anyone’s place to reject the next generation’s ideas,” said Russo.

Working with Netflix themselves has been a fair more “hands off” experience too, with Russo clarifying that “it’s not as stressful as it is at a studio.”

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The Gray Man releases in theaters from July 15 and streaming on July 22.