Is Lockwood & Co. scary? New Netflix show explained

lockwod and co. ghostNetflix

Lockwood & Co. is a new show on Netflix about ghost-hunting – but if there’s ghosts, does that mean that the show is scary?

New show Lockwood & Co. is just about to drop on Netflix. Based on the books by Johnathan Stroud and made by the same people who did 2011’s Attack the Block, this new series draws back to the supernatural YA craze of early 2010s TV.

If you’ve never heard of the show before, and you want the quick rundown, the official Netflix synopsis reads: “In a world plagued by ghosts, three teens band together as paranormal investigators, risking what little they have to unravel a diabolical conspiracy.”

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Now, considering this show is “plagued by ghosts” and ghosts are generally deemed to be scary, that begs the question… is this show scary?

Is Lockwood & Co. scary?

Yes, the Netflix show can be scary. However, that depends on how scared you get at horror media.

If you’re someone who watched horror films no problem, you certainly won’t have a problem with this. But if the slight bump in the night creeps you out, you may have a problem.

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The ghosts in this show are hostile, and love to try and kill any character they come across. They also love to jump right at the camera and screech in a horrifying fashion, so that certainly may get your blood pumping. Check out the teaser clip below to see for yourself:

The technical aspects of the ghosts may also affect your fear factor. As we say in our review of the show, “The ghosts may be hit or miss for audiences. The show does a good job of setting up tension in spooky scenes, and the jump-scares never feel cheap.

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“But the CGI can range from okay to laughably bad, and you’d wish they stuck to more simple effects, such as when they portray the ghosts through shadows, which is just as if not more effective than glowing green figures.”

Was filming the show scary?

Now, did the cast ever find filming the show scary? Here’s what Cameron Chapman, who plays Lockwood himself, had to say when we asked him if he ever felt the fear:

“Definitely watching [the episodes] back, because it’s so different, you know, in post production. They add all these cool quirks and the edit’s so smooth that it sort of grabs you. When you’re on set you maybe don’t know what the sound will be, the score will be, and it just gives it that extra oof.”

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Ruby Stokes, who plays main character Lucy, added, “We spent a lot of time filming at spooky locations, and obviously the environment created on set is very apt for what will later translate onto screen. So when all is ready to go, and you shout ‘Action!’ it’s definitely spooky.”

Lockwood & Co. will drop on Netflix on January 27. Check out the rest of our coverage of the show here.