Is George Clooney the DCU’s new Batman?

George Clooney as Batman and concept art for The FlashWarner Bros.

Is George Clooney the new Batman in the DCU? Ahead of the release of The Flash and its universe-colliding reboot, fans are wondering: has Clooney returned?

In the first trailer for The Flash, there were multiple Batmen – namely, Ben Affleck’s grey-and-blue dark knight, and the return of the OG, Michael Keaton.

The long-awaited DC movie is set to be a loose adaptation of the Flashpoint comic book storyline, following Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) as he travels back in time to prevent his mother’s murder, causing timelines to converge and collide.

The question is: will any other Batmen appear, and if they do, will they stay on as the DCU’s permanent caped crusader… and could it be George Clooney?

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Is George Clooney the new DCU Batman?

No, George Clooney will not be returning as the DCU’s new Batman – however, there is a chance he could appear in The Flash, if only for a cameo.

As James Gunn is wont to do, he recently swatted the rumor that Clooney could be returning and taking the Batman mantle once more in the new DC Universe.

“Is it true you’re casting George Clooney as the new main DCU Batman?” one fan asked him, to which he replied: “Absolutely not.” Gunn also confirmed it will be a new actor.

That’s conclusive: don’t expect to see Clooney making a substantial comeback as Batman – but what about a post-credits sting, or another brief appearance in the movie?

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Admittedly, this stems from a rumor from Grace Randolph, who’s notoriously iffy when it comes to supposed leaks and scoops. However, it’s been backed by other sources, who say a former Batman will turn up at the end of the movie for a cameo.

Understandably, nobody knows who this could be. In theory, Christian Bale could appear as Batman. The only wrinkle is that he’s always said he’d only be game if it involved Christopher Nolan was involved – although, if it’s just a cameo, he may have been convinced to don the cowl one last time.

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The Flash speeds into cinemas on June 16, 2023. Find out more here.