Star Wars Visions: Is Aardman’s Star Wars short canon?

Daisy Phillipson
Still from Aardman's Star Wars Visions Season 2 episode

With Aardman’s Star Wars Visions episode now available to stream, you might be wondering – is it Star Wars canon, or is it separate to the sci-fi saga?

The topic of whether or not Lucasfilm’s animated anthology series is Star Wars canon has been heavily debated ever since Season 1 dropped on Disney+ in 2021. You see, Star Wars Visions is unique in that it originally started as an anime/Star Wars mash-up – although Season 2 has brought in a variety of styles from creators across the globe. 

The characters, themes, and storylines, though related to the franchise, don’t necessarily need to connect to the Star Wars timeline – although some episodes have done in the past. As well as giving animators the freedom to tell the story through a fresh cultural lens, Star Wars Visions is more of a celebration of the space saga. 

In short, there are no rules – some shorts are canon, some aren’t. So, with the anticipated entry from Aardman now upon us, you might be wondering: does it fit into the decades-spanning universe? Dexerto spoke with the studio’s Magdalena Osinska to find out. 

Is Aardman’s Star Wars Visions episode canon?

When asked whether Star Wars Visions as a whole is canon, Magdalena Osinska – who directed Aardman’s episode for Season 2 – replied: “No, I don’t think it is.” That being said, the claymation studio’s short does fit into the timeline in a smart way. 

At the heart of Aardman’s entry, which features nods to plenty of Star Wars icons including The Mandalorian and the original movie trilogy, is the mother-daughter relationship between Twi’lek pilot trainee Anni and her mom Kalina. 

Anni feels embarrassed by her mom, so much so that she doesn’t tell her about a family racing event that is being hosted by none other than Wedge Antilles in claymation form. But the pair learn some important life lessons when they must team up for the madcap rally. 

Asked about the timeline of the short, Osinska said: “It’s set in the Mandalorian times, so after the original trilogy.” 

While the story certainly slots into the Star Wars saga in a way that makes sense, it’s also a standalone project in its own right, one that serves both fans of the space franchise and of Aardman’s material. 

With the studio’s venture to a galaxy far, far away marking the ultimate nostalgia crossover, could we be seeing a full Aardman-made Star Wars movie in the future? Who knows, but if the opportunity does ever arise, Osinska is totally game

Star Wars Visions Season 2 will be available to stream on Disney+ from May 4, 2023. You can check out our other Star Wars coverage here

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