How to watch Outlast – what time is it streaming on Netflix?

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Outlast, a new “cutthroat” million-dollar survival reality series, is about to hit Netflix – here’s how to watch it and what time it’ll start streaming on Netflix.

Outlast is a glamper’s worst nightmare: stuck in the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but your brain, boots, and teamwork to keep you alive.

Coming from executive producer Grant Kahler, who also worked on Alone and Castaways, the new series is the ultimate test of “self-preservation versus people’s loyalty to others”, forcing lone wolves to work together to win a huge cash prize.

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Ahead of Outlast arriving on Netflix, here’s what you need to know about how to watch it.

Outlast release date and time

Outlast will hit Netflix on March 10, 2023.

Unlike Physical 100 and other weekly reality shows, all eight episodes of Outlast drop on the streaming platform at the same time, so don’t worry about having to tune in weekly. Each episode will be around 45 minutes long.

In terms of what time Outlast will be available to watch on Netflix, it depends on your location – so, here’s a rundown of times for each time zone so you know when you can dive in:

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  • 12am PDT
  • 3am EDT
  • 5am Brazil
  • 8am UK
  • 9am Central European Summer Time
  • 1:30pm India Standard Time
  • 7pm Australia
  • 9pm New Zealand

As per Tudum, here’s what you can expect from Outlast: “All 16 players are dropped by parachute in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness during the fall – in other words, right when the threat of rain, freezing temperatures and bears becomes more real as winter draws closer.

“After they arrive, the players learn that they won’t be competing on their own; instead, they’ll need to split up into four different teams, and each team has to set up camp in a different location. Though each individual has a strong set of survival skills, they’re required to work together as a team to win the million-dollar prize.”

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Outlast starts streaming on Netflix on March 10. You can check out our other coverage here.

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