Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day special cast: All actors & characters

Harley quinn valentines dayHBO Max

Harley Quinn’s upcoming Valentine’s Day Special is almost here, so here’s all the cast members and characters you need to know.

Harley Quinn is one of the biggest animated shows out there, and for good reason. It’s funny, it’s action-packed, and its definitely raunchy. Which is only about to be emphasized by this upcoming Valentine’s Day special episode.

The episode, titled “Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special” is set to drop on HBO Max tomorrow, and the official plot is as thus: “As Harley goes to obsessive lengths to ensure that her first Valentine’s Day with Ivy is the best ever, Bane’s efforts to impress an unexpected date go horribly awry. Meanwhile, after an unfortunate online dating encounter, Clayface engages in some self-love.”

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But which other major characters are going to appear in the special? And who’s voicing them? Well look no further, as we shall explain below…


Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special cast and major characters

In the upcoming special, Ivy accidentally casts a spell over Gotham that causes all of its citizens to “do it in the streets, like animals” while other characters seem to be having their own sexual and relationship issues.

But which characters are caught up in these problematic Valentine’s affairs? Well, let’s get into it.

Harley Quinn – Kaley Cuoco

harley quinnHBO Max

Harley Quinn is recognizably voiced by Kaley Cuoco, who’s most well-known for her role as Penny in The Big Bang Theory, but she also stars in The Flight Attendant and 8 Simple Rules.

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We all know Harley Quinn, and while some changes are made to her character in this show – her relationship with the Joker is cut in Episode 1, for example – she is just as fun-loving, violent, and impulsive as always.

Poison Ivy – Lake Bell

posion ivy harley quinnHBO Max

Lake Bell plays Poison Ivy in this show, who also appears on American Dad, Marvel’s What If…? and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Poison Ivy is the second protagonist of the show, and is currently Harley’s girlfriend. She is far more reserved than Harley and aims more to make the world greener rather than just blindly causing villainous destruction. The pair generally manage to balance the other out, but as can be seen in this upcoming special, their intense love, and Ivy’s powers, end up causing some havoc.

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Clayface – Alan Tudyk

clayface harley quinnHBO Max

Alan Tudyk voices Clayface, who is well known for Firefly, and for also voicing the Joker on this very show.

Clayface is the thespian of Harley Quinn’s crew, who uses his ability to shapeshift as an opportunity to flex his acting chops, to varying degrees of success. He loves drama in personal relationships, though it seems like he will be having some unfortunate dating encounters in this special, leading him to engage in “some self-love.”

The Riddler – Jim Rash

the riddler harley quinnHBO Max

The Riddler is voiced by Jim Rash, also known for Community and Beyond Stranger Things.

The Riddler goes back and forth with his position on the show, becoming somewhat of a riddle himself. He is sometimes Harley’s ally, and sometimes her enemy. He is strong and weak, villainous and helpful, built ultimately he is a very fun character. And it seems in this special he will be planning to propose to his significant other.

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Bane – James Adomian

bane harley quinnHBO Max

Bane is played by comedian James Adomian, also known for his work on Cat Burglar and Close Enough.

Bane is a fan-favorite character on the show, and this is largely due to Adomian’s performance. Bane, who is played as a softie in comparison to his other depictions, comes out with arguably some of the funniest lines in the whole series. This time, he’s having issues in his love life, which leads him to getting professional help, to hilarious results.

Darkseid – Michael Ironside

darkseid harley quinnHBO Max

Darkseid is played by Michael Ironside, know for his roles in Total Recall and The Next Karate Kid.

Darkseid is a monstrous titan from another dimension, and was a major villain in the second season of Harley Quinn show. However, this upcoming special will show another side to him. As can be seen in the trailers, he is drawn to a cold and evil partner, causing the apparently unfeeling villain to fall in love.

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Hawkman and Hawkgirl – Tyler James Williams and Quinta Brunson

hawkman and hawkgirl harley quinnHBO Max

Tyler James Williams and Quinta Brunson voice this super pair. Both are known for Abbott Elementary, but Brunson is also known for her work on Buzzfeed, and Williams stars in both Everybody Hates Chris and The Walking Dead.

While this pair is new to the Harley Quinn show, meaning that their characters could be interpreted in a whole new way, we do know that they will be explaining how they fell in love in the episode, When Harry Met Sally style.

Wonder Woman – Vanessa Marshall

wonder woman harley quinnHBO Max

In this show, Wonder Woman is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who is also known for her work on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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Wonder Woman is of course well known in the DC Universe, though she isn’t given much development in her life in the Harley Quinn show. However, the snippets we do see show a woman often just trying to live her life normally, with occasional relationship issues. However, when duty calls, she is a fearsome warrior, as we would expect of Wonder Woman.

Other characters and voice actors

Right now, it is unclear whether or not these characters and voice actors will appear in the special in a major way, but nevertheless these voice actors will be involved:

  • Ron Funches as King Shark
  • JB Smoove as Frank the Plant
  • Matt Oberg as Kite Man
  • Christopher Meloni as Commissioner Gordon
  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • Sanaa Lathan as Catwoman

Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special premieres on HBO Max February 9, 2023.

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