Halloween Ends may not be the final Halloween movie, John Carpenter says

Cameron Frew
A still from Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends may not be the final Halloween movie in the franchise, according to John Carpenter.

Michael Myers’ boiler suit, chalk-white William Shatner mask and kitchen knife first terrorized suburbia in 1978’s Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Hollywood’s definitive Final Girl.

Much like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, Halloween was mined for sequels: Carpenter returned for Halloween 2; Halloween 3 is underrated, but its anthology approach was dismissed by fans; and then there were six more, Rob Zombie’s remake and sequel, and the new trilogy.

After Halloween and Halloween Kills, Halloween Ends this October – except, it might not.

Halloween may continue after Halloween Ends, John Carpenter says

In an interview with The New Yorker, Carpenter spoke about sequels and remakes, and the reality that “if a movie makes enough money, you can be assured that it will” likely be resurrected, somehow.

He was then asked if Halloween Ends will “definitely, finally be the last one”, to which he replied: “I will have to see how much money it makes!”

Earlier this month, Carpenter offered a similar viewpoint while talking to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, saying: “If the movie makes money, I don’t believe it’s the end. There’s a way of when a movie makes money, it seems to resurrect the next one.”

Will Halloween Ends be the final Halloween movie?

It’s a bit of a complicated question. In one regard, yes, it will be the final Halloween movie of this trilogy. Jamie Lee Curtis said goodbye to Laurie Strode after the film wrapped, and Blumhouse producer Jason Blum has confirmed it’ll be the last of the current series.

In another regard, Halloween will most likely live on after the trilogy. “I didn’t say it’s gonna be the last Halloween movie,” Blum told Screen Rant.


“It’s our last Halloween movie. We have no more rights to make any more Halloween, so it goes back to Malek [Akkad] and what he does, only he knows, but we are done. This is our last one, and I think people will be very happy.”

He also told Comic Book: “We made an arrangement for three movies. We had a three-picture marriage with Michael Myers. I would love to extend it.

“If Malek [Akkad] would like us, I’d love to extend it, but we’re very busy making sure the third movie is spectacular because that’s our immediate job and if it goes beyond that, I’d be thrilled. But there are currently no plans for us to be involved after this third movie.”

Halloween Ends will be released in cinemas on October 14.

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