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‘Good Game’ star Michele Morrow accuses the CW of “stealing” show idea

Published: 10/Sep/2020 22:47 Updated: 10/Sep/2020 22:50

by Virginia Glaze


In Summer 2017, YouTube debuted its original show, ‘Good Game.’ The series included central character Ashley Donovan, an esports reporter who yearned for the chance to compete and make a name for herself in the male-dominated gaming industry — but now, the CW appears to have a very similar premise for its own upcoming project.

With esports still breaking into the mainstream, 2017’s ‘Good Game’ came as a pleasant — if unexpected — surprise to many.

Featuring YouTubers Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson from the Game Grumps, as well as esports host and series co-creator Michele Morrow, it boasted a star-studded cast of personalities who are well-versed in all things gaming — but it seems a certain network may have taken some serious inspiration from the show, right down to the name.


In September 2020, the CW revealed that it is coming out with its own series with the same title — Good Game — which centers around a female protagonist hoping to dominate the competitive gaming scene.

However, 2017’s Good Game star Michele Morrow was quick to note that she’d been part of a project that echoed eerily similar to this one, and expressed her frustrations through a few pointed tweets.

Saying the issue is “f**ed up,” Morrow recalled a discussion with CW producers in which she mentioned her 2017 project —  resulting in an awkward end to their call.

“The fact the CW is making a show about a female in gaming — by stealing from an actual female creative in gaming — is mind blowing,” she said of the situation.


“I endured more stress than y’all can even imagine during Good Game, but put on a happy face because that’s what women gotta do… And now, this? Smdh,” she continued.

Representatives for the CW have yet to speak out on the matter, which seems to have attracted an ample amount of buzz on social media.

Many fans are expressing their outrage regarding the forthcoming show, which marks an ongoing debate between parallel thinking versus creative theft.

For now, all enthusiasts can do is watch and wait to see what will come of the outspoken criticism against the CW’s upcoming project.