First Madame Web trailer immediately torn to shreds online: “Looks like a fan film”

Eleni Thomas
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The first trailer for Sony’s upcoming Madame Web movie has dropped online, with many quickly blasting the footage, calling it a “fan film” and already comparing it to the likes of Morbius.

While Sony is dedicated to releasing more Marvel-based content, critical response to each of these releases has been less than positive in recent years. The Morbius film is now a constantly memed movie and one that struggled to perform at the box office.

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The next Sony Marvel project, Madame Web, finally dropped its first-ever trailer on November 15 and with over 5 million views on Sony’s official YouTube channel already, many have quickly gotten a taste for the upcoming flick.

Showcasing what the narrative will entail, the trailer introduces multiple Spider-Women, and more. However, countless viewers have already begun blasting the footage online, with many claiming that the movie looks like a “fan trailer” and a “YouTube fan film.”

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Many are already comparing it to Morbius, while others are now once again begging Disney to take full ownership of the Spider-Man characters. 

Stating online that the Madame Webb movie looks “lame” and asking “can Marvel just take Spider-Man back already? Like by force? Then stop all these terrible Spider-Man movies. Take them anyway and fight the lawsuit.”

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The trailer ends by stating that the film is coming soon. However, given the negative reaction online there is a chance the movie could get delayed even further into the future for more reshoots.

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The new movie stars Dakota Johnson as the titular Madame Web. In the comics, Madame Web is a clairvoyant who can view the future. She helps Spider-Man on multiple occasions throughout the comics, although her role as a hero or villain is very much still up for discussion within the community.

The cast also includes Sydney Sweeney and Adam Scott. The former is revealed to be playing Julia Carpenter, the second woman to take on the mantle of Spider-Woman in the comics.

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Julia is injected with spider venom and other plant extracts by an organization known as the Commission, wherein she develops very similar powers to Spider-Man.

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