Fantastic Four reportedly eyeing Anya Taylor-Joy as gender-bent Silver Surfer

Eleni Thomas
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The upcoming Fantastic Four movie is reportedly eyeing Queen Gambit actor Anya Taylor-Joy for a major role as a gender-bent Silver Surfer.

While the X-Men may be a big focus for the MCU as they enter this next phase in the cinematic universe, another beloved Marvel group is also set to take center stage.

The Fantastic Four are one of the oldest groups in the Marvel world. As such, fans have been eagerly anticipating their arrival, well, re-debut, with casting news and rumors flooding the internet. 

Recently, Dexerto shared how Pedro Pascal will reportedly take on the role of Reed Richards, with fans mixed in their responses. However, another new casting update for the upcoming film is the role of the Silver Surfer. In the comics, the Silver Surfer is a male-identifying figure, one that initially helps the villainous Galactus but later helps the Fantastic Four.

Anya Taylor-Joy Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four gain their powers after being exposed to cosmic radiation.

Prominent insider DanielRPK first reported on the news that Taylor-Joy will reportedly star in the new Fantastic Four movie, with fellow insider Jeff Sneider also revealing earlier in the weeks that fans can “expect to see a female Silver Surfer.”

If Taylor-Joy is cast as the Silver Surfer, this will be the first time the character is portrayed as a woman, the gender-bent take on the character something that will be completely fresh.

Taylor-Joy is one of Hollywood’s biggest actors today, with her leading role in The Queen’s Gambit catapulting her to major success. As well as this, she recently voiced Princess Peach in the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

At the time of writing, the cast of the Fantastic Four is still yet to be confirmed. However, MCU fans have gotten a taste of one main member appearing in the MCU, with John Krasinski portraying Reed Richards in a brief cameo during Doctor Strange and the MultiVerse of Madness.

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