Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero topples Pokemon The First Movie anime box office record

Jessica Filby
Dragon ball super: super hero poster

The latest addition to the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, has taken the box office by storm, shattering the Pokemon Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back’s first-day box office record by shooting up to number one in the USA.

Despite popular releases like Beast and Bullet Train dominating American theaters and the box office in general, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has taken over sales and popularity, making it one of the most watched films in the US at the weekend.

As the sequel to the less successful Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which hit $9.8 million in its opening, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has proved to be the film everyone wants to see and has turned the tide for popular anime films taking to the big screen in the western world.

In fact, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been such a success that it’s toppled legendary Pokemon: The First Movie’s original first-day box office record and is quickly being praised by fans and critics alike.

Although some of the credit is being handed to the millions of fans and what some are calling a “monster” of a franchise that managed to bring about such success with very little advertising.

Pokemon and Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero dominated the box office on opening weekend.

Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back’s first-day box office record came in at $10.1 million whereas Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero came in at an impressive $21 million as reported by Crunchyroll.

It may have taken over 20 years to complete, but the successful reign Pokemon has over the anime film industry has been toppled by the Dragon Ball franchise.

This is a major shift in the popularity and recognition of anime movies across the film industry and has proved the success a gaming movie can provide when it is derived from a popular franchise and done with the gamers in mind.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has managed to end Pokemon’s reign and smash the record previously held which saw no other anime get their film to number one on opening weekend.

Despite there being a variety of new films coming out, fans and anime lovers alike have flocked to the new title and are clearly coming back for more.

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