Does Talk to Me have a post-credits scene?

Chris Tilly
Sophie Wilde in Talk to Me.

Talk to Me is one of the most acclaimed and talked about horror movies of the year – here’s the details of whether the film has a post-credits scene.

Australia has a rich history of terrifying horror movies, from classics like Wake in Fright and Picnic at Hanging Rock, to more recent scare-fests like Wolf Creek and The Babadook.

Talk to Me can now be added to that list. Directed by brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, the film’s official synopsis is as follows: “When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.”

Here’s what we had to say about the movie in the Dexerto review: “Talk to Me is a wild ride. One that takes characters who feel real – and immediately likeable – then puts them through a living hell. Which makes for great horror.” So the film is good, but does Talk to Me feature a post-credits scene?

Does Talk to Me have a post-credits scene?

No, Talk to Me does not have a post-credits scene. Nor does the movie feature a mid-credits scene. So when the movie cuts to black at the end of the proceedings, that really is the end.

We’re going to touch on details now, so MILD SPOILERS AHEAD

Talk to Me does end with a twist, as well as a closing shot that would have worked as a post-credits scene, as it sets up a new potential storyline. So we asked Danny and Michael Philippou if Talk to Me 2 is in their thinking.

“We’d love, love, love to do a second Talk To Me – that would be so amazing,” came the response from Danny. “We have an entire Mythology Bible that we don’t really even touch on in the film that explains everything. From where the hand came from, and there’s little clues hidden on the hand and little seeds that we planted. We just would love the chance to be able to do a sequel – that’d be amazing.”

Michael then suggests – with a laugh – Talk to Me 8 set in space, before Danny continues: “I just think that there’s so many stories that we could tell that I guess it’s just like, what would be [first]… who knows?

“I was already writing scenes for a sequel while writing the first one. You could follow entirely new characters, you can find where the hand came from, you could even continue the story that we’ve started telling here. There’s so many different avenues. I’m not entirely sure what direction we would take it in but I know that if we were given the opportunity, we’d find what direction.”

Interview conducted by Kim Taylor-Foster

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