Vampire Survivors animated television show confirmed to be in works

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Hit indie title Vampire Survivors is receiving cinematic recognition as an animated television show adaptation is reportedly in works.

Vampire Survivors, an indie survival game initially developed by a single dev, took off with players as soon as it hit the Steam storefront. Gamers were quickly attracted by the title’s unique take on bullet hell and roguelike mechanics, as it blended familiar arcade aesthetic with more modern features.

The time survival mechanic is highly addictive, pushing players to try and make it through stages so as to unlock more content. There have been various updates and two DLCs, all of which have featured new characters, items, maps, and more.

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One area of the game that has been focused on less is its background or story. Thankfully, fans may soon receive a more in-depth look at the lore behind Vampire Survivors as an animated television adaptation has just been confirmed to be underway.

Vampire Survivors animated television series revealed

Poncle’s time survival game, Vampire Survivors, is receiving an animated television series. According to a post made by Deadline Hollywood on Twitter today, the viral game’s cinematic adaptation is now in the works. It is the result of a partnership between developer Luca Galante and Story Kitchen.

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The game, a unique blend of bullet hell mechanics and Castlevania‘s aesthetic grants players an arcade-like experience in which they must fight the clock to progress. Each level is around half an hour, bringing various enemy hordes and bosses with it.

There are characters, maps, and secrets galore to be unlocked while playing. Some of these are likely to be covered in this upcoming animated series, along with a more in-depth exploration of Vampire Survivors’ lore, especially as the game itself leaves little room for dialogue or narration.

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Vampire Survivors’ game takes place in 2021 rural Italy, an area and time in which an evil vampire known as Bisconte Draculo lurks. His evil magic has created famine and suffering and has spawned ghastly creatures. The Belpaese family, similar to Castlevania’s Belmont line, serves to end the terrible reign and return prosperity to the people.

While precise details about the show’s story have not yet been confirmed, Story Kitchen is searching for a writer. The series will more than likely feature a Belpaese figure as the primary protagonist and the evil count as the main antagonist.

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