Chris Hemsworth vows to keep playing Thor until people ‘roll their eyes’

Chris Hemsworth ThorMarvel Studios

MCU actor Chris Hemsworth has expressed interest in continuing the play the role of Thor in the future, so long as the audience does not “roll their eyes” and that the project is “exciting and fun” for everyone involved.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the biggest juggernauts of the entertainment space. With multiple movies, TV shows, and more released each year, the MCU machine has well and truly been taking over the industry.

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However, with each year comes a new wave of heroes and villains, with many of the initial Avengers having now hung up their boots for good. Despite this, one original actor and character who is still around and seemingly wanting to continue moving forward is Chris Hemsworth with Thor.

Thor was first introduced back in 2011. Since then, the character has appeared in four solo movies as well as various team-up projects such as The Avengers. 

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Chris Hemsworth ThorYoutube: Marvel Entertainment
Thor is one of the last original MCU characters to still feature in new projects

Despite his recent solo outing, Thor: Love and Thunder, being received less positively than Marvel may have hoped, Chris Hemsworth said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he will continue playing the role until audiences are well and truly sick of him.

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“I don’t want to continue to do it until people are so exhausted that they roll their eyes when they see me come on the screen as that character,” Hemsworth said. “If an audience wants to see it, and if there’s something that we believe is exciting and fun, then great. I’ve loved being able to reinvent that character a few times. I don’t have the answer yet, but I would love to try and [figure out] how we can do that again and keep it a little unpredictable.”

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Chris Hemsworth committed to playing Thor in the future so long as it is “exciting” for fans

However, Hemsworth did confirm that, at the time of writing, he does not know what Marvel’s plans are for Thor moving forward in the MCU.

“I’ve got to be careful how I word that because I have no idea what’s happening in the next phase,” Hemsworth began. “There’s always conversations, like with Extraction. Before anything is official, people are throwing around ideas. But officially, I don’t know.”

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