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Brie Larson admits she’d “love” to play Samus in potential Metroid movie

Published: 24/Jul/2020 7:26 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:29

by Isaac McIntyre


Brie Larson isn’t shy in admitting she would “love” to play iconic Metroid heroine Samus Aran in a live-action blockbuster movie based on the Nintendo franchise, and called for the game devs to “sign her up” for the potential project.

Larson said she has been keen to play the character “for years”. In fact, Samus is one of her favorite video characters of all time, she admitted during an appearance on in-game Animal Crossing talk show ‘Animal Talking’ with Gary Whitta.


“Oh, I would love that [to play Samus] so much. I would definitely want to make that movie, definitely want to participate in that project,” she said, before addressing the Metroid devs directly. “Nintendo, once again, I would love to do it.”

“Samus was always my character that I played in Super Smash Bros. and I just love her,” she said. “I was Samus for Halloween two years ago. It was $20, I bought it off Amazon… I was excited about it [so] I posted it, and people lost their minds.”


As Larson mentioned, the Animal Crossing-driven tease isn’t the first time she’s called for a Nintendo link-up. In 2018, before the Oscar-winning actress had been cast as Marvel hero Carol Danvers, she posted a photo of herself in a Samus outfit.

The Halloween photo got tongues wagging, with many Metroid fans immediately calling for Nintendo to get out the papers and ink a deal. Larson admits she “definitely [hasn’t] put a squash to that” either; she’s just as eager as the Nintendo fandom.

Nintendo’s 1986 game title, which has had multiple sequel installments in the past 34 years, has never made its way to the silver screen. There was nearly a version released all the way back in the mid-2000s, but it fell by the wayside.

Samus Aran is the main character in Nintendo's Metroid series.
Brie Larson says she would “love” to play Nintendo’s iconic Samus Aran in a potential Metroid movie.

Larson may not have inked any official deal with the game devs so far ⁠— that we know of ⁠— but that doesn’t she wouldn’t have time to do it if Nintendo tapped her for her dream role.

Apart from the planned Captain Marvel follow-up, which IMDB suggests has a tentative 2022 release date, the 30-year-old has only a few major projects on the horizon for the foreseeable future.

The only one which could cut time down for a Metroid movie is Amazon Studios show ‘Victoria Woodhull’. Larson is set to produce and star in the historical series.


It will follow the story of its eponymous character Woodhull (Larson). She was the first female candidate for the presidency of the United States. The Amazon production has no shooting dates announced yet, however.

Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel in the MCU.
Marvel Studios
Brie Larson has shot to superstar status after playing Captain Marvel in the MCU.

Metroid isn’t the only series Larson has expressed interest in joining if it ever hits the big screen either. As fans may be able to tell, Captain Marvel loves playing Animal Crossing. She said she’d be “open” to a role in any potential New Horizons movies.


Larson has also teased a big role in the Star Wars universe in recent times. The franchise’s new ‘High Republic’ era is expected to hit the silver screen after its initial book run; perhaps the Marvel star could be its first new hero.

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Star Wars insider drops big spoiler on Ahsoka’s Mandalorian S2 appearance

Published: 13/Oct/2020 17:20

by Michael Gwilliam


Star Wars fanatics hoping for some more news on the popular character Ahsoka Tano ahead of The Mandalorian Season 2 should strap themselves in, because an insider has leaked huge news.

Ahsoka has been a fan-favorite since the days of Star Wars Clone Wars and eventually continued her story arc into Rebels. Now, while it had already been confirmed that Ahsoka would be in The Mandalorian, we have new info about just how big her role will be.


In a now-deleted tweet, reporter and insider John Campea posted a list of five things about The Mandalorian Season 2, including a claim that Ahsoka would have a small scene in a single episode.

He noted that one of the five things he posted was a lie, but when questioned about whether the Ahsoka info wasn’t truthful, he claimed that, “you had a 20% chance of guessing which one wasn’t true… and you didn’t get it.”

John Campea confirms Ahsoka
John Campea seemed to confirm Ahsoka will be in Season 2.

This suggests that Ahsoka will in fact have a small role, however, the length of the scene may be a bit controversial.

According to Campea, Ahsoka will be in only “one episode” and it’s not exactly a “cameo.”

So, for fans hoping for a little more than just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, you’re going to have to wait for another show or movie.

Campea on Ahsoka
Ahsoka isn’t exactly a “cameo” according to insider John Campea.

“I think you’ll be happy regardless,” Campea wrote to a fan not pleased with the news. “One episode and all.”

As for when she will appear, as Dexerto previously noted, Dave Filoni inked the season’s fifth episode and Ahsoka is his favorite, having introduced her way back in The Clone Wars.

Star Wars and Disney have pulled off small interconnected semi-cameos from animated shows before. For example, the Ghost from Rebels is seen briefly in Rogue One.

Campea says fans will be happy with Ahsoka in Mandalorian
Campea thinks fans will still be happy she shows up.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt, especially as it comes from a deleted tweet, but nonetheless, this is big news for Star Wars fans if it ends up being accurate.

The Mandalorian Season 2 kicks off October 30 on Disney Plus.