Behind Your Touch finale: Who was the killer?

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Behind Your Touch finale with Han Ji-min

Following the Netflix release of the K-drama Behind Your Touch finale, here’s everything you need to know about who the killer was in the comedy-thriller series.

Behind Your Touch was, at first, a fun and comical storyline as local veterinarian Bong Ye-bun (Han Ji-min) gets psychometric powers after touching the rear end of a cow during a meteor shower. Learning to use her abilities, she soon got entangled with detective Moon Jang-yeol (Lee Min-ki) and helped solve minor cases.

But the local town of Mujin becomes the target of a heinous serial killer. The problem? The main characters suspect the killer also has psychometric powers. Throughout Behind Your Touch, fans guessed the clues to who the killer was and were wrong at every turn.

The K-drama revealed the true identity before the grand finale and the clues were starring everyone in the face all along. But the true shock comes from why the killer went on a murder spree. Here’s a breakdown of what happened. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Behind Your Touch finale: Was Kim Seon-woo the killer?

Despite Jang-yeol’s best efforts to find evidence that Seon-woo was the killer, the Behind Your Touch finale episodes proved he was a simple victim who sadly discovered the truth about the murders.

As fans are aware, Seon-woo was a red herring that dangled in front of fans, and Jang-yeol was the possible killer. Only Ye-bun believed his innocence, even more so after using her powers to track his whereabouts during the murders. But the problem still remained. Both Jang-yeol and Ye-bun couldn’t figure out how the killer was creating blackouts in their memories, not allowing Ye-bun to see. To fans’ dismay, Seon-woo became one of the killer’s victims in Episode 15 and died.

While visiting his workshop, Ye-bun saw a glimpse of the floral patterned knife the killer used in Seon-woo’s toolbox. But he became flustered seeing that Park Jong-bae (Park Hyun-kwon) followed her saying she shouldn’t walk around alone. Jong-bae tricked Seon-woo into taking him to the bathroom, while Ye-bun discovered the knife.

Believing he’s the killer, she tries to flee. Seon-woo realizes she saw the knife and goes after her. While Behind Your Touch has fans confused about whether Seon-woo was the killer all along, it was all a lie. Seon-woo runs after Ye-bun not to kill her, but to save her. She’s getting chased by the raincoat-wearing killer with Seon-woo grabbing her and helping her flee.

Wanting to save her, he fights the killer and tells her to hide. But in the struggle, Seon-woo is stabbed and killed. After realizing how much Seon-woo trusted in her, Ye-bun finds a weapon to go save him. But her heart breaks realizing he was murdered.

Behind Your Touch finale: The killer was under everyone’s noses

The heinous serial killer of Mujin was revealed to be Jong-bae, the local shaman who had everyone fooled with his tears and theatrics after every murder.

Behind Your Touch Episode 15 revealed the jaw-dropping truth of the killer’s identity. Mourning the death of Seon-woo, Ye-bun cuts ties with Jong-bae for his insistent obsession with him having been the killer. Fans know that Jeon Gwang-sik (Park No-shik) was killed having uncovered the truth about the killer’s blackouts. While at the station, Jong-bae is getting into his co-worker’s tinted car and has a lightbulb moment.

He goes into town to find Ye-bun and reveals the trick the killer is using. The killer discovered they could wear sunglasses to create blackouts in their memories while still being able to see. It also applies if the room is pitch black. When the killer killed the new mayor, the lights were turned on and were shut off. It explains why there was blood on the switch.

But Ye-bun no longer cares as the information is too late and wouldn’t bring back Seon-woo. Having bought Seon-woo shoes for his funeral rights, she goes to see Jong-bae. As he turns, his aviator sunglasses fall over his eyes. Realizing he’s the killer, Ye-bun reads through his memories and learns the truth. Jong-bae also got powers the night of the meteor shower, but through his eyes when the cow looked at him. He can read anyone’s memories by looking at their eyes.

He revealed that Seon-woo figured out it was him after he returned home and got blood on Seon-woo’s hand. Seon-woo also later discovered the knife was hidden in one of the pickle jars. Being clever, he also realized Jong-bae’s psychometric powers came from his eyes and refused to look at him. In the end, Seon-woo and Ye-bun’s grandfather were casualties.

Behind Your Touch: Was Jong-bae arrested in the finale?

In the end, yes Jong-bae was arrested for his crimes, but getting in handcuffs in Behind Your Touch was a bit tricky.

With Ye-bun knowing he’s the killer in Behind Your Touch, she becomes too afraid to tell Jang-yeol directly. But her fearful acts were a ruse to fool Jong-bae. Knowing his powers, she tried to make it seem like she was still angry with him. While trying to help her with boxes outside her clinic, she slips him a piece of paper. The police soon come to arrest Jong-bae for the murders. In reality, Ye-bun’s paper revealed the passcode to Seon-woo’s phone and Jong-bae as the killer.

The passcode was her birthday after realizing Seon-woo said the code in Arabic and only she would understand if she saw Jong-bae’s memories. On his phone was a recording of his murder where Jong-bae confessed to his crimes. While in interrogation, Jong-bae requests to see Jang-yeol. He revealed he started murdering people after his wife for fun and seeing their last memory before death. Ye-bun and the others learn Ok-hui (Joo Min-kyung) has gone missing.

In the Behind Your Touch finale, Ye-bun and Jang-yeol have no choice but to follow Jong-bae’s demands to find her. They’re tricked when at a remote location they are ambushed by Baek Soon-gil (Kim Byung-hee) and his men. Soon-gil arranges travel outside Korea for Jong-bae. After a struggle with the thugs, Ye-bun uses what she hears in Jong-bae’s memories to find Ok-hui.

But Jong-bae is now on the run. His original transport is compromised and he tries to escape Ye-bun and Jang-yeol in a local fishing town. Stabbing random civilians, he wears one of their coats and takes Ye-bun hostage. By the finale, Ye-bun escapes and Jang-yeol arrests him. In a twist of comedy, Ye-bun pokes Jong-bae’s eyes and bites his head promising to see him every week.

Behind Your Touch ends with Ye-bun branching out her powers to become a celebrity and Jang-yeol returns to Seoul. But they reunite with one final case with Ye-bun infiltrating a prison to uncover the whereabouts of a gang. The K-drama’s final scene is Jang-yeol rescuing her as a prison guard and fleeing the gang together.

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