A Killer Paradox: What are Lee Tang’s powers?

Gabriela Silva
Choi Woo-shik in A Killer Paradox Episode 2.

Netflix’s A Killer Paradox takes an unextraordinary Lee Tang and changes him into a killer vigilante as he learns of his unique powers that allow him to murder.

The K-drama creates a cat-and-mouse chase as Lee Tang goes from a boring existence to being given a new complex purpose in life. From working in a convenience store and having no prospects in life, he’s a nobody. Until one day he finds himself at odds with a patron from the store.

To defend himself, Lee Tang inadvertently kills the man. He’s now a murderer racked with guilt over what he’s done. But as the K-drama progresses and Lee Tang finds himself in more murderous predicaments, he uncovers his unique powers of murder.

A Killer Paradox creates a refreshing take on a vigilante who seeks out evil-doers. Here’s a breakdown of Lee Tang’s powers in A Killer Paradox. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Lee Tang can sense criminals

Every time Lee Tang encounters a murderer or criminal in A Killer Paradox a certain spot on his neck ripples or responds, but he doesn’t feel an intense urge to kill.

Choi Woo-shik in A Killer Paradox K-drama Episode 4.

His powers are still somewhat of a mystery that’s never fully explored in the K-drama in depth. When he was killed in the first episode, Lee Tang had an out-of-body experience fueled by his past when he was bullied. He also kills the fake blind woman who blackmails him and is transported to a sunny meadow.

When he encounters two delinquents who have just stabbed a cop, he sees the blood on one of their hands. A spot on the right side of his neck rippled with alertness. It’s almost like a Spidey sense. On all occasions, it’s proven that his victims are all heinous people. The first man was a serial killer, the woman had killed her parents, and the two delinquents had also gotten away with sexually assaulting a young girl.

But there’s another catch to Lee Tang’s powers in a Killer Paradox. Every crime scene and murder has no evidence of him being there. The security camera at the convenience store miraculously had a fly covering it. It obscured the view of Lee Tang holding up a hammer that belonged to the killer. In the second murder, all his fingerprints were erased as the victim’s dog licked everything. The delinquents’ murder was covered up by the father of the girl they assaulted.

When Lee Tang meets Roh-bin, he tells Lee Tang he has special powers and all the cases are connected. Every person Lee Tang inadvertently killed proved to have done something horrible. But he’s never felt an “urge” to kill, it simply happens that way.

They test their theory with another victim, who is supposedly a hard-working boss who loves his family. But Roh-bin finds videos of him assaulting young women. By the finale of A Killer Paradox, Lee Tang leans into his powers realizing he can never get caught.