Batgirl star Leslie Grace says shelved movie was “incredible”

Batgirl cast screeningsWarner Bros.

Leslie Grace – who plays the title character in the Batgirl movie that was cancelled – says she’s saw an incomplete version of the film which was “incredible.”

Warner Bros. shocked the movie world when the studio shelved Batgirl following a poor test screening, taking a tax write-off rather than releasing funds to complete the film.

Star Leslie Grace found out about the decision when the New York Post broke the story, and says she was as blindsided as everyone else by the news.

However, DC studio head Peter Safran recently claimed the film was un-releasable, something that Grace disputes in a new interview about the Batgirl controversy.

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Leslie Grace says Batgirl footage was “incredible”

While speaking to Variety about the axing of Batgirl, Leslie Grace says that once the news was out, she asked to see a cut of the movie.

“I got to see the film as far as it got to,” Grace tells Variety. “The film wasn’t complete by the time that it was tested. There were a bunch of scenes that weren’t even in there. They were at the beginning of the editing process, and they were cut off because of everything going on at the company.

“But the film that I got to see — the scenes that were there — was incredible. There was definitely potential for a good film, in my opinion. Maybe we’ll get to see clips of it later on.”

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That said, Grace added that there were difficulties on the shoot, stating: “In every film, there are obstacles, and our film was nothing short of that. Half of the shoot was night shoots in Scotland, where it never stops raining. So there were obstacles, but at the end of the day, because of the incredible crew, nothing that ever got in the way of us delivering what we knew we wanted to deliver for this film. At least from what I was able to see.”

The future of Batgirl

Variety then asked if Grace’s Batgirl could be a part of Matt Reeves’ Batman plans going forward. Grace was coy with her answer, but it sounds like there’s hope.

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“We’ve definitely had conversations about Batgirl’s future and how Batgirl can make a resurgence,” Grace reveals. “I think fans are looking forward to seeing that. We’ll just see where that takes us; I can’t say one way or the other if that is a reality at this point.

“I can’t speak too much about a future for Batgirl or guarantee anything. The last thing that I would want to do is give folks any kind of inkling of something that I have not much control over — as we’ve learned.”

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