Andor Season 2 could be released sooner – but there’s a catch

Cassian Andor in Andor, who will return for Andor Season 2Disney+

Andor Season 2 is unlikely to arrive before the end of next year, but it’s not completely impossible, according to showrunner Tony Gilroy.

The finale of Andor Season 1, the first season of the Star Wars prequel series, will be released on Disney+ this week. Will Luthen Rael be revealed as a Jedi, and will Dedra Meero catch Cassian? Time will tell.

The show has taken fans by surprise, with many believing it to be one of the best things the franchise has ever produced. However, that acclaim is bittersweet, as it’ll make the wait for the chapter even tougher to bear.

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We may as well start to come to terms with Andor being away for a while – but there’s a small chance it could return sooner than expected.

Andor Season 2 could be released sooner with more money

In an interview with Collider, Gilroy revealed filming was beginning this week, but it’s not set to wrap up until August 2023. So, the likelihood of Season 2 dropping before 2023 is low – unless it received a huge cash injection.

“The only place you can accelerate the processes is in post, and the only way you can accelerate in post is with money, and money is tight,” he said.

“So, I don’t really know, there would have to be some serious motivation next May or June or something. Someone would have to say, ‘Wow, we really need this, and we’re willing to pay X.’

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“Rogue One proved, if you throw money at it, you can do post really, really fast. It’s just very, very, very expensive.”

Andor Season 2 will likely follow a similar timeline to the first season. “If the past is a predicate, and we do the same thing we did before, it’ll be on the same schedule. It will come out two years later,” Gilroy added.

Andor Episode 12 hits Disney+ tomorrow, November 23. You can sign up for Disney+ here.