5 times Gonker is a good boy in Dog Gone (and 5 times he isn’t)

Gonker in Dog Gone.Netflix

Gonker is the cute canine at the heart of new Netflix movie Dog Gone, and these are the times he’s a very good boy, as well as the few occasions on which he’s bad.

Dog Gone is a new Netflix movie that stars Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Johnny Berchtold. Stephen Herek directs from a script by Nick Santora, which in turn is based on a book by Pauls Toutonghi, with the official synopsis as follows…

After a young man and his beloved dog are separated on the Appalachian Trail, he and his father must begin a desperate search to find him before it’s too late.

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Before the dog in question – Gonker – goes missing, he’s absolutely adorable. So the following are a few of our favorite Gonker moments in the movie.

When Gonker is a good boy in Dog Gone

Johnny Berchtold in Dog Gone.Netflix
Fielding and Gonker doing their breathing thing.
  1. Downward Dog When Gonker’s owner Fielding Marshall takes him to yoga class, Fielding does the Downward Dog manoeuvre, and Gonker follows suit.
  2. Doughnut TrickUsing his nose, Gonker can flick a doughnut into the air and then catch it in his mouth. He does this several times throughout the movie.
  3. University GraduateWhen Fielding graduates from uni in a Virginia Grad shirt, Gawker wears a matching top, suggesting the dog might also now be a university graduate.
  4. The Breathing GameWhen Fielding does a breathing exercise to center himself and stabilize his gut, Gonker joins him. Though he may just want a tummy rub.
  5. Hospital VisitWhen Fielding is sick in hospital, Gonker hides in Dad John Marshall’s jacket, and gets smuggled in, just so he can lie next to Fielding owner to help with his recovery.

When Dog Gone’s star is a very naughty boy

Gawker playing with Rob Lowe in Dog's Gone.Netflix
Gawker interrupting John Marshall in Dog Gone.
  1. Pee TimeWhen he meets Fielding’s best friend Nate, the first thing Gonker does is pee on him. Fielding calls him a good boy, but he’s really the opposite here.
  2. Drink TimeWhen Fielding’s parents visit, Gonker lands him in it by drinking out of a beer bong.
  3. Fetch TimeGonker interrupts John Marshall’s important business call because he wants to play fetch.
  4. Stick TimeGonker refuses to play fetch with any old stick. He needs a new one every day, wants to pick it himself, and you have to watch Gonker make the selection or he sulks.
  5. Fox Time Gonker loves chasing foxes. Trouble is, when he chases one on the Appalachian Trail, Gonker gets lost, which sets the plot of Dog Gone in motion.

Dog Gone is streaming on Netflix now, and you can read about the story that inspired the movie here.