1899 fans baffled by Netflix cancelation: “What’s the point?”

1899 netflix womanNetflix

Netflix is receiving tons of backlash after canceling their new mystery thriller show 1899 after just one season, a move that left fans completely baffled.

Since Netflix became a powerhouse in the online streaming space, they’ve also become synonymous with canceling many of their shows after just one season.

They’ve done this with plenty of programs, most notably Resident Evil, Cowboy Bebop, I Am Not Okay With This, and over a dozen others.

Now, another popular show has been canceled after just one season, leaving many Netflix subscribers puzzled.

1899 canceled by Netflix after one season

Show creator Baran bo Odar confirmed via Instagram that 1899 was canceled after just its one season on Netflix, despite the show receiving huge praise.

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Despite Baran saying he would have “loved” to do a second and third season, Netflix canned the show. With 1899 falling into the ranks of countless shows being kicked to the curb after just one season, Netflix fans sounded off on the company for their inability to let their shows flesh out over multiple seasons.

One fan of the show said,” If Netflix is going to cancel 1899 what is the point of having a Netflix subscription? If you can’t trust Netflix to finish a story why shouldn’t I subscribe for one month every few years and then cancel?”

Streamer Northerlion also chimed in and added, “Why would you ever start watching a series on Netflix at this point.”

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Although 1899 was awarded high praise for its first season, and performed well amongst Netflix viewers, the show wasn’t renewed. With so many shows in Netflix’s catalog not being renewed for a second season, subscribers are starting to wonder if it’s worth getting invested at all in their original programming.