Netflix’s 1899: Will there be a Season 2?

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Netflix’s 1899 has revealed its many mysteries, but there’s still lots of questions to be answered… perhaps in Season 2?

One of the newest kids on the block for Netflix is also one of its most anticipated: 1899. This new series comes from the same creators that gave us one of the greatest mind-bending shows of the past few years, Dark. We certainly enjoyed 1899, and you can read our review of it here.

1899 is a mystery thriller set on a migrant ship in – you guessed it – 1899. Everyone there already has a mysterious past, but things take a turn for the stranger when the Prometheus, a ship that had disappeared months ago, suddenly starts sending the migrant ship coordinates.

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The series has plenty of reveals, but there are also a number of questions left unanswered, including that shocking final scene. So, with some much left to unpack, and so many characters left to explore, there’s another major question to ask: will there be a Season 2?

Is 1899 Season 2 happening on Netflix?

On January 2, 1899 series creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar confirmed that 1899 had not been renewed for Season 2.

It’s an unfortunate end to the series, given that the creators are happy to make more of the series. In a 2021 interview with Deadline, series co-creator Jantje Friese stated that they were doing their best to make it a multi-season show, but noted that “it depends on the viewers.”

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Friese’s other Netflix series Dark was incredibly popular, so we can probably expect similar numbers for 1899. Plus, while 1899 isn’t a continuation of Dark – you don’t have to see one to see the other – the two shows share similar mysteries, themes, and tones. And Dark currently has three seasons, so it’s surprising that 1899 did not get two.

1899 is currently available to stream on Netflix.