Woman wears outrageous costumes at airport to avoid baggage fee in must-see TikTok

Alec Mullins
Airplane boarding process

Getting through the airport boarding process can be a hassle but one TikToker has gone viral for the outrageous lengths she went to in order to avoid extra baggage fees.

Airline baggage requirements are not suggestions. These rules are in place so that each passenger can fit their belongings onto the plane without having to worry if there’s enough space. In its most basic form, this usually means one carry-on bag to go in the overhead bin and one personal item that gets tucked away under the seat in front of you.

For one TikToker, the thought of paying extra money to have her bag stored under the plane rather than in the seating area was enough to cause her to don some increasingly silly outfits to ensure that she met the flight requirements.

TikToker goes viral for putting on outrageous costumes at the airport

The video starts with the subject jumping up and down, attempting to slide into a chicken suit at the Southwest Airlines desk. After getting that one sorted she reaches into the bag and pulls out a gorilla costume and donning it as well.

This process continues for the rest of the two-and-a-half-minute video, with each new item becoming more and more ridiculous as it goes.

By the end, the woman is wearing both of the aforementioned pieces plus an avocado suit, a nightgown worn as a scarf, a few beanies, and a shawl.

Naturally, the comments were stunned with viewers split down the middle over whether the whole situation was real or not.

One supportive commenter claimed that the people passing by and staring at the heavily-costumed traveler were jealous of her lifestyle. “Everyone who’s looking at her funny just wishes they were as interesting as her,” they stated.

Another person chimed in that this entire thing could be fake, but it’s still impressive either way: “The fact that they managed to stage this at a busy check-in counter is remarkable.”

At the end of the day, this should serve as a good reminder to always come prepared for the airport, lest you walk away wearing a Frankensteined version of your wardrobe for the duration of your flight.

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