Woman falls victim to TikTok’s dangerous “Kia challenge”

Man attempting top start Kia car by inserting USB cable.TIKTOK: ROBBIERAYYY

A woman recently fell victim to a TikTok trend called the “Kia challenge”, causing her to get her car destroyed and valuables stolen.

Most TikTok trends we see are relatively harmless and fun. The social media app has blessed us with endless trends involving dance routines and funny edits, but every now and then, a dangerous trend will emerge.

The Kia challenge is the latest dangerous trend on the app. It started with a video in which two guys are sitting in a Kia vehicle, demonstrating how to start the car with just a USB cable. 

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Car destroyed and valuables stolen from latest victim of the Kia challenge

On July 16, Alissa Smart from Lapel, Indiana woke up in the middle of the night, to the realization that she had fallen victim to the Kia challenge trend.

“I was scared, anxious and confused on how someone could see two car seats, and a diaper bag, and still commit such a monstrous act.” Smart told FOX59.

Smart’s car had been destroyed, and a lot of her valuables in the car were stolen. She doesn’t know who did this, but she suspects it’s the work of teenagers.

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“I’m leaning toward a teenager, based on the fact they stole bicycles along the way, and then Mountain Dew from my parents’ garage, and ditched it all up the road to come back and try to steal my Kia Soul,” she said.

“There were power tools, keys in my moms truck ignition, and my dad’s truck was unlocked with $160 and thousands of dollars of tools.”

The damage done to Smart’s car is estimated to be quite costly, and she says she can’t afford to fix her vehicle, leaving her children without their only mode of transportation.

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The suspects stole Smart’s wallet, which included her and her children’s medical cards with their full names and date of births. Smart said she felt “violated and scared”, and she filed a report with Lapel Police following the incident.

Speaking on the Kia challenge trend, Smart said “This trend absolutely makes me feel disgusted. It’s really beyond me that people think it’s okay to post criminal acts, let alone participate in them after seeing them online.”

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The Kia challenge is the latest, but not the first dangerous TikTok challenge to have gone viral. Check out these dangerous TikTok trends that went viral.

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